Monday, 23 September 2019

September 2019 - New Mk 3 Blog commenced.

I have not updated this blog for a while for many reasons but I have now decided to commence Mark Three Blog of K.D.s life were you will now find it here - The reason for the new blog is simply since Google changed their settings for access to over the last twelve months, many links etc on this blog will not work including posting and receiving comments as well as other things. I have tried to fix them even with help from Blogger Help Forum but it proved fruitless, so only one way forward, a new blog called K.D's Life and Ramblings. Hopefully, this will solve some of the issues and recommence some activity. 

This blog will now chart my ramblings from 2010 to the end of 2018, with my original blog, KD's Story ( with my life between 2006 and 2011, yes some overlap with  this blog. As you may appreciated these two blogs will no longer be updated. 

Thank you to everyone who has read / shown an interest in my blog's and hopefully may see you on the new blog. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

April 2019 - An update

We are third of the way into the year and only my second blog entry! That tells a story in itself I suppose and basically means it has been quiet for me. I think it has been two things that has caused this with one being, I have busy with other personal things which I have been enjoying more than being ‘myself’. Strange you may think, but not really, as most of us go through this during our lives and it is a question of priorities. However, I suppose I am not prepared to waste my time waiting for something to happen by lack of contact by other girls and as well as myself attempting to arrange outings as seems always end up of being cancelled for what ever reason you wish to think. Hence doing other things while I have the chance too. The second thing, I have already mentioned, which is lack of contact by others. Ah well never mind, I move on and see what happens in the future but I will be out, that I am sure.

Although suggesting I have not been out this year, I have manage it on three occasions which have been enjoyable but I do have the feeling they could of been better. I really need to get out in the everyday world rather just a night out in the Village but who with though? There lies a problem, as I would love to meet a girl similar to me for ‘normalville’ outing whether daytime or evening. I suppose my problem, I have particular standards for going out with the aim of ‘blending in’ as I rather not be noticed when out and about. This is an issue I have found as others don’t have the same thoughts / values as I have which is no doubt my downfall. Unfortunate but true? Regardless, I did meet a nice girl from Northern Ireland called Nickie who was on her way over to Chesterfield for an event and she was staying in Birkenhead for the first evening of her visit over here. I agreed to meet her and we went for a chinese meal on a cold frosty evening in Birkenhead. Nickie was a lovely Irish girl and we have agreed to meet again, this probably be September on her next visit to England. I look forward to her company again. 

Amazingly, I have had over 10000 hits on my blog but clearly not sure how many people have actually read my blog entries but if you have though, thank you. Just a shame my entries do not generate any comments but hey ho, never mind. The blog is done for my benefit so anything else is a bonus. This brings me on to reading other blogs and unfortunately something has changed in recent months (Google messing about) and I am now unable to make any comments on other people’s blogs as well as uploading any images!! I have attempted to find out why via the ‘help/forum’ desk as such but no one has been able reslove the matter unfortunately. So sadly I am in limbo and my apologies for no comments from me! If someone knows the answer, please let me know! 

With being quiet, my wardrobe remains the same with just a handful of additions, namely a dress , a top and couple of short skirts. Certainly my current feelings is to wear short skirts as I feel comfortable in them but I know ‘MD’ is not overly keen on them, preferring to act my age! For the time being I will wear short skirts while my legs are still ok. Regardless, I know my future outfits will be more mature as I get older and yes, the classic ‘pleated’ longer skirts will become the norm along with the relevant foundation underwear but will be wearing stockings. One outing this year, already got me dressing like that and you know I enjoyed wearing the ‘classic’ clothes.  

Well that is enough for this entry and see what the short to medium term holds for me as for outings and I always have ‘Sparkle’ come July. 

Monday, 14 January 2019

January 2019 - A New Year but what next?

The first entry of the New Year but first I need to conclude 2018! 

Well the major family event went expected with the lovely sound of the little patter of tiny feet has arrived which makes MR and myself very happy with fun times ahead! In some ways, that has been the highlight of the year. 

Manage to get out twice during December although one of the outings was completely spolit and curtailed early by a timewaster who I think done it on purpose. Harsh that may be but unknown to the person, I had found out information from another source which more or less confirms my thoughts. She did not just waste my time but also another girl and her friend too. Sadly that particular girls card has now been marked and to avoid in future. My other outing went as planned and met up with Julia (Leeds) and Jane Gee in the Village, nice to catch up with both of them too! That was the last meet of 2018 as it is always difficult to get out during the Christmas and New Year period for other reasons.

As for summary of 2018, to be honest, I am not sure what to think but may I just say it could of been much much better and leave it at that.

As for the start of the New Year, well not much to say although in December I had received an invite to attend Julia’s Birthday celebrations being held during the weekend of February’s Leeds First Friday which I accepted and even manage to get shared accomodation too with another girl. But like all best laid plans, it went pearshape a few days ago when presented with an increased invoice for a repair and suddenly realised given the amount of the increase, Julia’s birthday celebrations suddenly became mission impossible and with regret, had to inform Julia that I no longer could attend! I was so looking forward in attending and let my hair down so to speak! So not a good start to the year. In fact has a new year started as it still feels like last year?

I still will try to get out sometime this month but not sure who with and where, regardless, it has got to be a cheap evening out! Beyond that, I am not going to think beyond end of January seems to be best approach for now. 

Finally although it is now mid January, I wish any readers of my blog along with my friends, a happy New Year and hopefully, your wishes come true. 

Monday, 5 November 2018

November 2018 - It has been a while!

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything in this blog but to be honest, I decided to give it a break for a while but it has now been 7 months since my last entry, so time for an update I suppose. The break from the blog has done me no harm, sort of give me time on other things and let KD matters take a back seat as such. 

So what has been going on since April? Yes, a few outings including Sparkle were for a change, did not stay overnight either on the Friday or Saturday evenings. I decided not to bother with booking a room this year and travel to and from home both days. It was actually the right decision, as did not bring my wardrobe with me and had the luxury of deciding what to wear in the comfort of my home. So much easier! Some girls ask, how about drinking as such, you can not if you are driving! True but to be honest, I am able to enjoy without the need of acohol, also save expense too! I enjoyed this years Sparkle better than last year thanks to some good company with Helen and Dee both nights and with also Donna on the Saturday too. 

Talking of Donna, this was her first visit to Sparkle but also the first time we had actually met each other since we been chatting on a forum for a number of years. Donna travelled up from Dorset on the pretext of going to a concert in Birmingham, so what was an extra 100 miles in the circumstances!! I am happy she made the effort and enjoyed her company too. This was Donna’s first TGirl event and enjoyed being in other girls company many times over.  Unfortunately but madly too, Donna travelled to and from Manchester the same day, under 1000 miles and at least 8 hours on the road, just for about 6/7 hours at Sparkle! Wow to say the least! Hopefully, it wont be years before we meet again. 

During the last few months, I have made new friends with some local girls as it is clear to some existing friends are not bothering with me for what ever reason and I cannot continue to keep making the effort to contact them all the time! There is a limit to this and I have reached this limit sadly. If they are interested they know where I am but wont hold my breath though! The new girls I’ve have met are all local to me, which makes a change and slowly but surely getting to know each other including a handful of outings too. All enjoyable and hopefully this continues. I am hoping a handful of outings will happen before the year is out, so fingers cross. 

My wardrobe of clothes is more or less complete, in fact has M.R. pointed out recently, I have more clothes than her which is true I suppose. May I really need to have another clear out but probably only end up replacing them which defeats the object of the exercise! So may as well stick with what Ive got and wear some unworn clothes for the first time! 

One of my long term friends, Sue has decided to up sticks and move abroad in due course. When this happens, it wil be a sad day not just for me but numerous other people too. However, I do understand her reasons, may not agree with one or two but I do respect her and also it is a brave thing to do never the less. Regardless, her welfare and happiness is the most important thing and that all that matters. Go for it Sue! In the meantime, while move abroad is pending, it is hoped M.R. and I will see it again as Sue intends to visit the North occasionally, fingers cross and look forward to seeing her again. 

As for other non KD matters, work is ok, now on four days thankfully but sadly the job is not I expect and doubt it will ever be sadly. Just not for me, no enjoyment just a horrible chore but finding yet another job is not really what I wish to do! So stuck between a rock and a hard place I suppose! Sadly, and M.R. feels this too, work is now a complete inconveninence more than ever and something to do with our retirement age not being that far away either. However, I dont wish to wish my life away though! Later on this month, a major family event will happen and something certainly my other half is looking forward too but I will leave it at that though. 

Well, that is enough ramblings for now and may be I wont be so long in writing an entry in the blog again. We will wait and see. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

April 2018 - Crossroads?

I am now at the crossroads of KD's life not knowing what to do. I have been out and about since about 2005 and met many nice people along the way. Likewise, I have always attempted to dress the part, be polite, care about others, respect people, have fun, can be serious occasionally, also importantly attempted to appreciate other people's circumstances too. 

Over the years, I have met many girls for an outing, seem to have a good time then I don't hear from them again for what ever reason except the common denominator is 'me". What other conclusion am I am able to make sadly! 

Yes, I do seek geniune friendship but it must work both ways though, in other words in cannot be one way contact and I am making the running, more often than not. So again, it's me! Am I that bad? Yes it must be! Asking for too much? Yes, seems to be the answer! 

I get loads of compliments from girls especially, in my appearance, tend to look the part etc and yes I do have a big wardrobe with lots of nice clothes but these days hardly ever get to wear! Over the last few months, it has been difficult for me personally for numerous reasons but no one who suppose to know me has ask why or made contact, yet they know I have not been around! Say's a lot I suppose!

Recently I have been trying to get out, contacted some girls but geniunely have not been able to make it. Yes so disappointed from my point of view but it keeps happening and now is having a serious affect on me! I am coming to the stage now, I cannot take anymore knock backs or what ever you wish to call them! 

I am not a type of girl who enjoys going out on her own, yes I tried it but just not me nor do I wholly enjoy it,  I do like company after all, who does not? Other girls have suggested ‘social media’ for a source of contact, that is perfectly understandable but sadly I do not do Facebook, Twitter, What’s App for the plain simple reason, my family are on it and I am unable to risk any possibility of a cross-over between the two. There so called privacy options on these Apps are not fool proof sadly, experience has told me that already! 

So what do I do now, I have no idea and may be time to call it a day! I enjoy being ‘me’ when able too but that is the point ‘when’! Lately that is not happening and I look at my lovely wardrobe of clothes etc and just think when will I wear these again? It seems the answer is never, so may be time to go as no point just hanging up for no reason is there? 

Unfortunately, life in general is unforgiving, not perfect etc that I accept but I am now asking for too much clearly. I am not getting any younger either and I cannot waste my life away on, may be’s, let down, timetasters or what ever, life is really too short for that! 

Finally to all the ‘girls’ out there regardless of your personal circumstances, wishes, fantasties, fetishes, kinks etc, please be abit more careful and respectful of what you say or do, or in most cases, what you dont do, that you DO affect other people’s lives and when it continues to do it on the same person, it may not affect you but it HAS consequences!! So please be a more thoughtful, trueful, caring and repectful to the people please. As for me the damage has been done and now need to decide what to do! 

Written while I was listening to Bette Midler singing many lovely songs and including ‘Wind beneath my wings’ - just shed a few tears eh!