Wednesday, 24 March 2010

January 2010 - Interference (again) - a calmer perspective!

Well those people who have read my blog recently, will be well aware that I had an angry rant over a third party interference connected with my previous blog entry. I make no apologies for the rant, although some may think it was OTT but be rest assured it was not!

The person concerned (who I refer as the bitch) clearly decided on reading my last entry, that she must contact M.R. to express concerns of the contents and was she aware of it - however, this was not for the first time as the same person had done the same thing some 12+ months ago. On that occasion, I was pissed off too and clearly warned the bitch to not to do it again. Alas she done it again no doubt on the pretext of expressing some concern! If the bitch was so concerned, why did she not contact me direct rather than contacting M.R. direct. In the circumstances I could only draw conclusions that the bitch had only one thing in mind and that was to be a shit stirrer! This person needs to really get a life of their own and if they have a TV partner which I suspect they do, I feel extremely sorry for them too - you have my sympathies in a great big way.

As I’ve stated previously, golden rule number one, is NEVER interfere in other people’s relationships especially when you may not know them. Even if you do know them, you still NOT interfere in any way what so ever. I would never dare do this with my family, friends or who ever regardless of the circumstances.

No doubt some people may be wondering how I’m feeling at the moment? Sadly in some ways no better as the particular situation has not changed, no positive’s have come out of this and to a certain extent has not made M.R. or myself feel any better. The only thing that the interference has caused is trouble and more hurt. May be that was the bitch’s intention? Up until that point, I was actually attempting to change the way I feel with a little degree of success but sadly that went out of the window.

So what is next? Mmmmm I have no idea other than to seriously think making this blog “private” and let only invited people to view the blog. The problem there, I have no idea who looks at my blog allowing for the “followers” I am already. It is a shame really as although the blog is a “personal” thing, MY vehicle to express my thoughts & feelings, it may be useful for other girls in some way or another? The bottom line, I cannot allow this situation arise again, it really simple as that. As for the “bitch”, I WILL find who you are and as I’ve stated previously, please don’t cross my path as I may just interfere in your life which you may not like.

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