Tuesday, 14 February 2017

February 2017 - Belated entry and a big sad hole!

These days my blog entries are getting more spread about for numerous reasons, may be not much to write about I suppose, same old, same old news may be? My last entry was 3 months ago  and since then Christmas and New Year have thankfully gone but as for a fresh new year and better things, sadly that will not happen what so ever. I (& M.R.) must be going through a stage of our lives were things are not going as we would wish and it is one thing after another that seems to be happening to us, just when you think things are improving. Without writing too much and giving too much personal details on here, as remember some people still don’t know about “me”, another very sad event happened a few days ago which has left us with a big hole in our day to day lives. Talking about shedding tears, a few good streams have been and gone so far by both of us with consequently going to take some time and getting used too before we get back to any sense of normality. As people say and its true, time is a good healer but you never ever forget. 

As for KD matters, in the light of what has happened recently, I currently have no appetite to go out and be “me”, it don’t seem right nor will it change my personal feelings in anyway, as the bottom line, I am still “me” regardless of clothes I wear. I had provisional plans to go out this week but I shall not bother. Again, I give my self time and hopefully, things will change as time goes by. 

As for KD things during the previous three months, I did manage to have a handful of outings, a couple before christmas and a couple in the new year. They have been the usual visits to the Village, Manchester with one other being daytime outing near Chester, with all of course enjoyable for different reasons. The latter outing was nice being daytime but also took the opportunity to visit work on the way home, for couple of my colleagues have been wanting the opportunity to see “me” but so far I eluded them. Well they were pleasantly surpised when I arrived and favourable comments were received too. The latter always gives you a little boost in confidence. In the meantime, some new clothes purchases have being had but I think the time has come to stop buying more. How many do I need given the amount of outings I have had over the last couple of years and looks like the future too? 

Last Friday (10th February) was the initial “Manchester Second Friday” event at the Village, Manchester and I understand was a success. The idea originated by my good friend / sister, Kate Kat last year on the basis that if Leeds and Birmingham have monthly events, then why not Manchester (Village) given it has always been known one of the main locations in the UK were TG people visit because of the closeness of numerous restaurants, bars and clubs located in and around Canal St. I know some people will say that there has always been the well known weekly Wednesday evenings in the Village but over the last few years, it has tailed off for numerous reasons and no sign it will ever get back to the way it was. So with the success of “Leeds First Friday” over a period of years which basically self advertises, it was thought to give the idea a try. So with some advance advertising via a variety of media sources for the event, it looks it proved popular and initial numbers suggested there could be some merit in making it a monthly event on the second Friday of each month. To help to promote this event, a website will be launched not just to advertise this evening but list the various bars / clubs / restaurants with also hotels in and around the village but promote other TGirl events / evenings too. Watch this space may be?

Well, that is enough for this entry as things here are too quiet which leaves me to say, farewell my friend, as you gave so much in our lives, you will never be forgotten and never stopped being loved too. :-(   

Friday, 11 November 2016

November 2016 - Sparkle lost in time!

Well this entry should be about my “Sparkle” weekend in July, which I have not written about. May be its too late now to write about in’s and out’s of the whole weekend, sort of other events in my life have over taken it? 

Regardless, “Sparkle” was a good weekend although as I found out afterwards, was actually not in the position to travel there and back but by then, it was too late! Met up with the usual suspects, namely Kate, Zazoo, Joanne, Amanda and bumped into other friends who were there too, although ever so briefly, due to limited time and so many things to do. Sadly one girl was not there, namely Sue Richmond who was still struck down by her facial issues and consequently was missed but not forgotten. As per previous blog entry, I did have a theme for the weekend, which was based on a part 50’s theme with blue and red being the prominent colours of the weekend too. For those who know were my flickr site is, you will see the results there. Also took the opportunity to portray a new look too with a complete different hairstyle and colour for a few hours too which suprised a few of my friends who initially did not recognize me which i took as a compliment. Some said I looked better but I prefer the darker natural look for me but yes, I will present myself again with the revised hairstyle in due course. Well, that takes care of the “Sparkle” weekend and will look forward to next year’s event. 

Since last blog entry, manage to get out twice including meeting Vanessa from Norfolk three weeks ago on a Friday in the Village. We had been chatting to each other via Messenger and she had a reason to make the long journey to Manchester, so agreed to meet. It was her first visit to Manchester as Vanessa and seem to enjoy the whole experience, in fact there were a few unexpected surprises during the evening which made for an enjoyable night. As it happens, there were a few other girls out too, which gave the impression more out then than some Wednesdays! Anyway, Vanessa is hoping to get back up here in the near future and fingers cross, we will meet again. 

Since then sadly been struck down with a virus yet again, and been prevented in getting out once again when I even had the opportunities including tonight! But the cold weather and chest virus dont go hand in hand, likewise I doubt my friends would appreciate me coughing occasionally which is not really ladylike. Regardless, I really hoping to get out next week, in need of it and hoping to meet Sophia, who I have not seen for about 12 months which is way too long. 

Besides that manage to sell more clothes on Ebay and raising some needed funds for the bank balance which is always welcome. On this occasion, I doubt I will spend any on more clothes other one lovely red blouse which I purchase from M&S recently. It was one of those “must have” items and probably go nice with a black (leather) skirt! 

Well time for bed now, but I feel looking back on this year, even in mid November has been a wasted and frustrating year for all sorts of reasons none of which I could of foreseen sadly but at least I am still here!! However, I must keep looking forward and hopefully things get better including far more outings than I have had in the last 12 months. Until the next blog entry, take care to you all. xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

October 2016 - Catch Up, Part One.

Well, it has been 3 months since my last update on this blog and much has happened or then again not also. If you have read my last entry, then clearly you be aware, my thoughts and priorities have been elsewhere which has also had an impact on KD time too. Writing this entry could suggest things are getting back to normal (whatever normal is) which would be true thankfully but there are still some minor things to deal with but at least everything is now going in the right direction. 

With regards to the accident, well after a lot of annoyance, frustration, stress etc and anything else you care to mention, I finally got a new car about 2 weeks ago after 10 weeks without one! In that time, I have had counselling and physio to sort myself out but some things I have learnt, insurance / claims companies are a pain in the backside along with their staff with the exception one or two people. Regardless, the matter is still ongoing and will be for some time, but at least I now get back on with my life now which is the important thing. In all this time, I have learnt a lot about people including those who work in higher management at work and I have simply lost all respect and time for them. Fortunately, my immediate work colleagues have been supportive and patient with me and always grateful for that. However, the best I’ve had around has been without a doubt has been M.R. - without her support, care, patience, understanding, things would be so different and not for the better either. She is my rock but she don’t realise it though! 

So what about KD time then? Well simply, Sparkle weekend and one outing with my friend Alison at the very beginning of August. Since then, has not been possible what so ever until recently and were I had finally arranged a meet with two “new” friends so to speak and I had agreed to meet them in Manchester including collecting one on the way! That meet went pear shape at the last minute at home when I was prevented in getting ready and consequently getting out too. Cancelling that meet was horrible and felt awful to say the least especially to the girl (Mandy) who I was collecting. She fortunately went anyway but as I found out later, it was a quiet night for her especially being a Friday. As for the other girl, she was less sympathic, fair enough but her attitude towards me was disgusting to say the least especially I had been a little understanding with her circumstances 3 months previously. Basically I just advise, best we forget it altogether as clearly in my mind, she was not worth knowing and not give her anymore of my time! Yes, I admit, I let her down but I had geniune reasons in cancelling and not one of my doing or choice. What she seems to forget, I know what the feeling is like being let down, it is not nice so why should I do it on purpose to other girls, I simply don’t. Anyway, she has gone and again not worth knowing! As for Mandy, she has been more considerate and an olive branch has been hung out so hopefully, I will be to make amends at some later date. 

As for Sparkle Weekend, I will write about that in Part Two of “Catch Up”. My only meet as mentioned was with Alison on the first Monday in August where we went to the Village. As it happens it was a nice enjoyable evening, although some venues were closed, it felt busier than some Wednesday’s when Ive visited on those nights - strange really. It was nice to get out that evening as I needed it but the only reason I manage to get there, I had the use of a car for a very short time and was put on the owners insurance. Talking about being happy to get out was an understatement as I needed it especially to temporary escape from other matters. Little did I know it would be last time for over two months but hopefully this will change today, were I am hoping to meet my friend Kate in Manchester. These two months have been a killer for me, as it has been some time I have not been out for so long. In a small way, I appreciate Sue’s health predictament all the more were she has not been herself for months on end! However, I understand there is a some positive light for Sue were occasional opportunties to get out may be possible. Fingers Cross.

Well , until the next time, hello again my little blog and hopefully not too long before I write my next entry. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July 2016 - When life flashes before you!

Initially, this blog entry was going to be about Sparkle and all that - well that was the plan but it is strange how life can change for you, literally in a matter of seconds and life is never the same again! I’m sure some of you reading this may get the gist of this almost immediately but others may not! 

Getting back to my previous blog entry, I did end up only going out the once as it turned out and that ultimately “Sparkle” was going to be next outing, only a matter of six weeks between being the person I like to be. However, something happened at the end of June which affected me personally and not one as yet recovered from - not sure I will but need to give myself time though. In simple terms, I was involved in a non fault head on car crash and ultimately my car was written off in consequence because of the sheer force of the impact. Fortunately for me, my car saved me and I manage to walk away from the scene of the accident but not without the mental trauma of what I went through at the time! Everyone has heard of the saying “life flashes before you”, well in this instance, that precisely what went through my mind in the 2/3 seconds of that impact. For obvious (or may be not so obvious) reasons, I’m not going to every detail of the accident but at that point I was frightened / scared for my life and something at times I find hard to deal with. Yes I got out alive, almost uninjured and how many people in similar situations would like to say the same, countless thousands and that is something I am grateful for. Since then, life has not really been the same again for numerous reasons, not helped by various organisations I am dealing with along with not having a car with all the inconvenience that entails too. What I cannot get my head around, I am the victim, the innocent party in all this yet it is me who seems to be treated not as a victim, anything else but and also it’s me that puts up with the inconvenience, is out of pocket and no guarantee that I will get it all back eventually either! Regardless, I am alive and at least I write this entry. 

Until the next time, make the most of your time on this planet as you never know what is around the corner!! 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

June 2016 - What next

Getting into the habit now of updating this blog every two months now, as previously it has always  been once a month. That tells a story in itself and confirming in my own mind, how quiet my girly life is getting. Not much happening so not much to write about either. 

Since last entry been out twice, once last month and once this month so far although it is looking like it could be the only outing sadly. Both outings were to the Village in Manchester on a Wednesday meeting up with a couple of friends. Nice evenings were had but the Village itself is just too quiet these days and this is also happening on other Wednesday’s apparently. To be honest, Wednesday night in the Village has been going quieter over the last two years at least to the point there is not many girls out to begin with, a good night may be about 20 at most, other occasions even less and as for other people, that is taking a nose drop too. I was planning to go out last Wednesday and tonite but on both occasions, decided not too. Last Wednesday was mainly to do with the weather, too warm and sticky especially hair wise, no fun when its like that and tonite, there seem to be no one going out, so elected to stay in as if Village quiet, there would be more chance I be on my own for the evening. In those circumstances, no point in taking the effort in getting ready if no one around to appreciate it. Now thinking to forget going out on a Wednesday to the Village, try Friday instead as apparently that is a good night now?

As things stand, I am going to Sparkle next month and I think I have accommodation too at a price I’m able to afford at Weston Halls. This has come about due to another girl who decided to make a block booking on behalf of a number of girls in which Weston Halls were happy to accept. The only downside, is that I don’t know the girl who is arranging this but it seems to be legitimate as I’ve spoken to Weston Halls. Anyway, I’ve taken a chance, made a booking, paid the money and see what happens but I have been given most of the booking details already so it looks promising. I suppose I wont really know until I arrive on the Friday of Sparkle itself and see what happens. On the bright side, if it don’t go to plan, I’ve only lost £85 for three nights. So fingers cross. Unfortunately there is no alternative to this plan as hotel prices have got through the roof in Manchester assuming there is any available so my alternative is simply not attend Sparkle. So all will be revealed on Friday at Sparkle. In the meantime, I have been thinking about outfits for the weekend and I think a 50’s theme will be the order of the day. I have already purchase a 50’s style dress and a skirt, complete with petticoats too, so I look forward in wearing them along with appropriate underwear too. Not sure about the heels though, as I know I would struggle in stiletto’s so an alternative needs to be found to fit in with the theme.

Well that is all to write about for now, so probably my next blog entry will be in August sometime, so until then, bye for now. xxx