Tuesday, 16 April 2019

April 2019 - An update

We are third of the way into the year and only my second blog entry! That tells a story in itself I suppose and basically means it has been quiet for me. I think it has been two things that has caused this with one being, I have busy with other personal things which I have been enjoying more than being ‘myself’. Strange you may think, but not really, as most of us go through this during our lives and it is a question of priorities. However, I suppose I am not prepared to waste my time waiting for something to happen by lack of contact by other girls and as well as myself attempting to arrange outings as seems always end up of being cancelled for what ever reason you wish to think. Hence doing other things while I have the chance too. The second thing, I have already mentioned, which is lack of contact by others. Ah well never mind, I move on and see what happens in the future but I will be out, that I am sure.

Although suggesting I have not been out this year, I have manage it on three occasions which have been enjoyable but I do have the feeling they could of been better. I really need to get out in the everyday world rather just a night out in the Village but who with though? There lies a problem, as I would love to meet a girl similar to me for ‘normalville’ outing whether daytime or evening. I suppose my problem, I have particular standards for going out with the aim of ‘blending in’ as I rather not be noticed when out and about. This is an issue I have found as others don’t have the same thoughts / values as I have which is no doubt my downfall. Unfortunate but true? Regardless, I did meet a nice girl from Northern Ireland called Nickie who was on her way over to Chesterfield for an event and she was staying in Birkenhead for the first evening of her visit over here. I agreed to meet her and we went for a chinese meal on a cold frosty evening in Birkenhead. Nickie was a lovely Irish girl and we have agreed to meet again, this probably be September on her next visit to England. I look forward to her company again. 

Amazingly, I have had over 10000 hits on my blog but clearly not sure how many people have actually read my blog entries but if you have though, thank you. Just a shame my entries do not generate any comments but hey ho, never mind. The blog is done for my benefit so anything else is a bonus. This brings me on to reading other blogs and unfortunately something has changed in recent months (Google messing about) and I am now unable to make any comments on other people’s blogs as well as uploading any images!! I have attempted to find out why via the ‘help/forum’ desk as such but no one has been able reslove the matter unfortunately. So sadly I am in limbo and my apologies for no comments from me! If someone knows the answer, please let me know! 

With being quiet, my wardrobe remains the same with just a handful of additions, namely a dress , a top and couple of short skirts. Certainly my current feelings is to wear short skirts as I feel comfortable in them but I know ‘MD’ is not overly keen on them, preferring to act my age! For the time being I will wear short skirts while my legs are still ok. Regardless, I know my future outfits will be more mature as I get older and yes, the classic ‘pleated’ longer skirts will become the norm along with the relevant foundation underwear but will be wearing stockings. One outing this year, already got me dressing like that and you know I enjoyed wearing the ‘classic’ clothes.  

Well that is enough for this entry and see what the short to medium term holds for me as for outings and I always have ‘Sparkle’ come July. 

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