Monday, 14 January 2019

January 2019 - A New Year but what next?

The first entry of the New Year but first I need to conclude 2018! 

Well the major family event went expected with the lovely sound of the little patter of tiny feet has arrived which makes MR and myself very happy with fun times ahead! In some ways, that has been the highlight of the year. 

Manage to get out twice during December although one of the outings was completely spolit and curtailed early by a timewaster who I think done it on purpose. Harsh that may be but unknown to the person, I had found out information from another source which more or less confirms my thoughts. She did not just waste my time but also another girl and her friend too. Sadly that particular girls card has now been marked and to avoid in future. My other outing went as planned and met up with Julia (Leeds) and Jane Gee in the Village, nice to catch up with both of them too! That was the last meet of 2018 as it is always difficult to get out during the Christmas and New Year period for other reasons.

As for summary of 2018, to be honest, I am not sure what to think but may I just say it could of been much much better and leave it at that.

As for the start of the New Year, well not much to say although in December I had received an invite to attend Julia’s Birthday celebrations being held during the weekend of February’s Leeds First Friday which I accepted and even manage to get shared accomodation too with another girl. But like all best laid plans, it went pearshape a few days ago when presented with an increased invoice for a repair and suddenly realised given the amount of the increase, Julia’s birthday celebrations suddenly became mission impossible and with regret, had to inform Julia that I no longer could attend! I was so looking forward in attending and let my hair down so to speak! So not a good start to the year. In fact has a new year started as it still feels like last year?

I still will try to get out sometime this month but not sure who with and where, regardless, it has got to be a cheap evening out! Beyond that, I am not going to think beyond end of January seems to be best approach for now. 

Finally although it is now mid January, I wish any readers of my blog along with my friends, a happy New Year and hopefully, your wishes come true. 

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