Monday, 5 November 2018

November 2018 - It has been a while!

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything in this blog but to be honest, I decided to give it a break for a while but it has now been 7 months since my last entry, so time for an update I suppose. The break from the blog has done me no harm, sort of give me time on other things and let KD matters take a back seat as such. 

So what has been going on since April? Yes, a few outings including Sparkle were for a change, did not stay overnight either on the Friday or Saturday evenings. I decided not to bother with booking a room this year and travel to and from home both days. It was actually the right decision, as did not bring my wardrobe with me and had the luxury of deciding what to wear in the comfort of my home. So much easier! Some girls ask, how about drinking as such, you can not if you are driving! True but to be honest, I am able to enjoy without the need of acohol, also save expense too! I enjoyed this years Sparkle better than last year thanks to some good company with Helen and Dee both nights and with also Donna on the Saturday too. 

Talking of Donna, this was her first visit to Sparkle but also the first time we had actually met each other since we been chatting on a forum for a number of years. Donna travelled up from Dorset on the pretext of going to a concert in Birmingham, so what was an extra 100 miles in the circumstances!! I am happy she made the effort and enjoyed her company too. This was Donna’s first TGirl event and enjoyed being in other girls company many times over.  Unfortunately but madly too, Donna travelled to and from Manchester the same day, under 1000 miles and at least 8 hours on the road, just for about 6/7 hours at Sparkle! Wow to say the least! Hopefully, it wont be years before we meet again. 

During the last few months, I have made new friends with some local girls as it is clear to some existing friends are not bothering with me for what ever reason and I cannot continue to keep making the effort to contact them all the time! There is a limit to this and I have reached this limit sadly. If they are interested they know where I am but wont hold my breath though! The new girls I’ve have met are all local to me, which makes a change and slowly but surely getting to know each other including a handful of outings too. All enjoyable and hopefully this continues. I am hoping a handful of outings will happen before the year is out, so fingers cross. 

My wardrobe of clothes is more or less complete, in fact has M.R. pointed out recently, I have more clothes than her which is true I suppose. May I really need to have another clear out but probably only end up replacing them which defeats the object of the exercise! So may as well stick with what Ive got and wear some unworn clothes for the first time! 

One of my long term friends, Sue has decided to up sticks and move abroad in due course. When this happens, it wil be a sad day not just for me but numerous other people too. However, I do understand her reasons, may not agree with one or two but I do respect her and also it is a brave thing to do never the less. Regardless, her welfare and happiness is the most important thing and that all that matters. Go for it Sue! In the meantime, while move abroad is pending, it is hoped M.R. and I will see it again as Sue intends to visit the North occasionally, fingers cross and look forward to seeing her again. 

As for other non KD matters, work is ok, now on four days thankfully but sadly the job is not I expect and doubt it will ever be sadly. Just not for me, no enjoyment just a horrible chore but finding yet another job is not really what I wish to do! So stuck between a rock and a hard place I suppose! Sadly, and M.R. feels this too, work is now a complete inconveninence more than ever and something to do with our retirement age not being that far away either. However, I dont wish to wish my life away though! Later on this month, a major family event will happen and something certainly my other half is looking forward too but I will leave it at that though. 

Well, that is enough ramblings for now and may be I wont be so long in writing an entry in the blog again. We will wait and see. 

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