Wednesday, 24 March 2010

March 2010 - Public & Private Blogs.

Many of you who have clicked on this blog, may have notice there is a change in relation to the format and contents of this blog. Well there has been a radical change as this is a new blog, not to replace my previous blog (KD's Story) which is still very much in existence but now out of the public domain. In consequence, with the exception of a few invited friends, sadly no one will be able to view it. No doubt some of you be wondering why this has taken place?

For reference, I have transferred my last entry from KD's Story as the first entry in this blog, hoping that will explain in some way, why this has taken place. That entry was posted on 18th January and since then made no further posts until why I made a decision on were to go next. It became clear to me that if I continued to post my thoughts & feelings, there was no guarantee that there would be no interference again would take place from a TGirls partner whose main aim is to make trouble! As my relationship with MR is a very special one and I am not prepared for that to be interfered in any way what so ever as it is a personal/private matter between us especially when it comes to KD matters.

The really stupid thing that this thrid party has caused is that MR will no longer wil be able to read my thoughts & feelings as previously she had full access to KD's Story. Now it has been made private, alas this wont be possible. Well done third party, I hope you are really proud of yourself - not so clever now are you? You should feel a shame of yourself and I know already that MR has advised you never to contact her again - so please seriously take note.

As for the contents of the new blog - mmmm to be honest I have no idea what will be posted! May be some ramblings about outings or anything else in general that springs to mind but then again, may be nothing! In the meantime, I will able to write in KD's Story again but knowing that it will remain private but at least I'm able to continue my story which began 6 yrs ago. Time flies when you are having fun as saying goes but it has not always been fun though.

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