Thursday, 13 May 2010

May 2010 - Anything to say?

Well do I have anything to say on this public blog? Probably not I suspect but will write something never the less! So what is new, mmmm a new government and Conservative / LibDem pact too. Well it is something different and let us (the voters) give them a chance to carry on making a balls of the UK economy while the bankers continue to laugh at us for "giving our money" to lined their pockets! Enough of politics. LOL.

In the meantime I have made another entry on my private blog which sums up recent happenings and feelings. Never mind girls, you will never actually know what I'm thinking and I like that way too. I will say, I've manage to get out a few occasions since March albeit to Manchester only but at least Ive been in the company of good friends, having a good chat with food and drink thrown in too. Best of all, KD has been herself! Mmmm that is nice. As usual, I have recorded the outings with images of myself in a different outfits - dare I say even showing the top part of my legs, that is being daring! LOL.

My last outing was memorable as I was pleasantly surprised to meet "Simon" who had made a rare outing to the Village. It was the first time I seen her seen Sparkle in 2008 but she was looking great and still can move on the dance floor too! For those who may not be aware of "Simon", she was my guide along with her partner Lesley on my very first outing in the big wide world as KD. She will always have a special place in my life and always grateful for the opportunity she gave me those years ago. Hopefully, it wont be too long before I meet her again.

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