Sunday, 15 August 2010

August 2010 - On a loose lead & Pride success.

Almost 3 months since I’ve written anything in this blog but all sorts of things have been going on in my life, some happy, some in between and of course, sad matters. As far as KD’s life, that is being going in a very slow upward direction but at least that is a positive step. However, I don’t take things for granted as they can change & do change.

In this period, I have kept my outings to in and around the Village, more out of convenience and ease. Not quite weekly outings but at least I’ve kept contact with some of my friends. Sadly one or two have for reasons best known to themselves, decided no contact. However, my door remains open and hopefully contact will be made eventually. Being the summer, I’ve attempted to dress accordingly given my limitations but mostly wearing leggin’s with short dresses of some sort. The combination seems to work and follows the current fashion trend. Still buying clothes and shoes - just cant resist sale bargains from time to time but I’ve also had a couple mini clearouts to make room too.

As for TGirl things or events - well never bothered with Sparkle and did not miss it - likewise from what I’ve heard, miss nothing either. Have not been to the Transpose monthly meets since March, no reason for it just spend my limited KD team in other directions and this will continue for the future but will attend sooner or later. As for forums, again spend little time on them and refrain from adding my views / comments too - I see no point these days as some people are just more interested in talking about what they done and now’t else! (Is that not what personal blogs are for just like this?). Other girls only seem interested in saying hello or wanting to cause an argument. What ever happened in helping & respecting each other?

I already know it will be a few weeks / may be a couple of months before another entry is made in my public blog due other personal / family / work matters which includes a 3 week Transatlantic Ocean going cruise holiday for myself and MR - something we are both looking forward too but sadly no sign of KD while on board. Regardless we will have a great chill out time and probably won’t want to come back!

Lastly but not least but a significant event happened in my home city a couple of weekends ago. Liverpool of all cities just had for the first time, its own “Pride” event and by all accounts it was successful. People may have thought that the city would of held its first event some time ago especially during it’s “European Capital of Culture” year in 2008. However, Liverpool is a unique city for numerous reasons and some “communities” have been better received than others. As far as the LGBT community is concerned, they tend to be the poor relation in acceptance by some Scouse quarters, so having this event was going to be a “test” of attitudes and whether it will get a warm reception let alone anything else. I & MR decided to attend the event on the Saturday daytime for two reasons - one, to show our support and secondly, see other people react to such an event especially during the Parade through the city centre. Happily, it turned out to be well supported by “joe public” and everybody seem to enjoy the whole delightful spectacle. Is this a change in “attitude” and better acceptance of the LGBT community? Although early days I think so but the Pride organisers are already planning the 2011 event! Progress eh?

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Tawny Karen said...

I hope you enjoy the cruise and the weather is good.
Great to hear Liverpool Pride went well. I sincerely hope that it has had a positive effect.
Hopefully see you again in the near future.