Friday, 8 October 2010

October 2010 - Autumn arrives

Well not much to write about she says but probably a book will written in the process! Outings have been minimal to say the least over the last few weeks but there have been reasons though! KD in appearance never appeared from 21st August until 25th September, the latter being a night out with a couple of friends including my sister too. The in between period was spent mainly on the sea and an enjoyable time was had. Certainly some nice outfits worn by some women on board, but others, did they look in the mirror!

For obvious reasons as stated above, I have had no contact via the forums and to be honest not really missed them. However, now back in to some routine in having a peek every now & then. Has anything changed on the forums - I suppose not. Checking up on some friends blogs with the exception of one, who suddenly started making entries again - not much written either so clearly things must be quiet.

Likewise, no one has been in contact either and has got me thinking, do I have any close girlfriends who I’m in contact regulary? I suppose not but that is something to do with my personal circumstances. However, I think most Girls will say the same thing too. May be this is something I need to work on and see what goes?

As for the remainder of the year, well just get out when I can be it day or evening time but hopefully not too many visit’s to the Village though. Talking of which, my last two outings have been to the Village on a Saturday night but not really something I enjoy. Saturday evenings in the Village attract all sorts but mainly of the younger clientel. As the evening progresses, the atmosphere does not improve and it is a question of exit stage left. I have notice how the “Village” has changed over the last 12/18 months, although it is still “tranny” friendly, there has been a noticeable shift in attitudes towards the TG community and there are less locations that seen to welcome us girls. Why, I have no idea but I suspect “money” talks and ours is not good enough anymore. Really another reason to go further a field?

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