Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January 2011 - The future is bright, the future is ??????

It’s a new year and may I wish everyone best wishes for the year, hopefully some of your dreams will become reality? Now as for me, what will be in store this year? Answers on £50 notes please! To be honest, I know what I wish to do, which is the same wishes I had for the last two years but no nearer in achieving them. Frustration once again, dominates my thoughts!

My last outing was 15th December were I headed to the Village, as it was Manchester Concord’s Xmas evening and I was sure that I would meet some friends there. True enough, after a quick bite to eat, I met Kate and Diana. I had an in depth conversation with Diana regarding personal matters and concerns. Interestingly Diana had a slightly different perspective to me and suggesting some things were more in my mind rather than actual facts. May be but it did not change how I feel though.

Prior to that, chatted to a nice girl from Cumbria called Amber. She looked so natural and looked young too although she had confirmed she was 40! During the course of the evening. I also met Jane Maybe and Becky - always nice to see them but it had been at least 12 months since I last saw them which was quite a shock. Time flies when you are having fun - ok allegedly! Interestingly I manage to catch up on Jane’s life but she looked so nice and could see the positive changes in her. It is hoped that we will get the opportunity to go out with each other sometime in the near future?

Since then, Christmas / New Year matters have dominated which leaves me no nearer in getting out again although I wanted to go out end of December but that went out of window for an unexpected reason. In fact because of non related KD matters, there is no money in the bank to do anything let alone an outing hence not going out last week! Even the Xmas sales have by pass me as dared not go into the shops as what is the point! The best I can do is chat to some cyber friends in order to keep me sane - sometimes it works, other occasions - nooooo! Given this situation, its going to be hard to keep some sanity but what choice do I have? As things stand it is likely to be February at the earliest for any outing if luck is on my side! Shall I start laughing now?

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