Friday, 18 February 2011

February 2011 - I have legs!

Hello my little blog, we meet again but for once some positive news. Since I last wrote, I’ve been out 4 times including an outing with MR too. Are things looking up? Yes they are which makes a change and the future a little more rosy in consequence - in fact even a breakthrough which affects my appearance. More of this later.

My first outing was to Transpose monthly meeting in mid January. Given the money situation, it was a cheap night out, a chance to be “me” and meet some girls too. Better than nothing! However, I contacted my sister and she agreed to meet me early evening for a bite to eat at Cheshire Oaks. Fortunately for me, she paid the bill but we had a nice couple of hours catching up on various matters and by sheer co-incidence but a pleasant surprise, a couple of my friends, Tina & Mandy were having a meal too in Café Rouge before visiting Transpose. Eventually I arrived at Transpose and mingled with the girls along with chatting to Tina and Mandy again! I enjoyed the night and could not wait to be me again.

For the last three weeks, I’ve manage to get out on Wednesday evening’s - something I was attempting to avoid but have enjoyed them never the less. They have included the Northern Angels monthly gathering, an evening with MR and latterly a visit to Manchester Concord for the talk on safety by an GM Police Officer which was interesting and informative. During the evenings, I’ve caught up with a few friends and chatted about the future. May be things are looking up as some provisional plans have been made for future outings.

In the meantime, I’ve attempted to meet up with a cyber friend from Altrincham but sadly we have been thwarted by outside influences and still not met even after 12 months regular contact with each other. Neither of us will give up as both believe it will happen and we have a date in March in which it could then. Fingers cross but we seem to have a lot in common and would be a shame if we cant build on that.

In the light of recent Xmas / New Year matters dominating my thoughts and working hard to resolve the matters - on occasions leaving me mentally exhausted, things are now much better and there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. This has also lead to a positive change in MR’s thoughts / attitude towards KD which included an outing with me to the Village, a night we both enjoyed. However, the biggest change has been MR’s agreement to finally shave my legs! Something I wanted to do for years but would not do as it was part of an agreement / compromise to let me be the person I wish to be. So after 7 years since MR found out, I have finally have smooth legs! Yay its amazing and now nice to have the wider choice of shoes, hosiery and skirts to wear especially during the summer. This IS a big step for me and MR but I do appreciate her consideration and acceptance in allowing me to do this. Yes it took a lifetime for this to happen but it was worth the wait! Yay!

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