Thursday, 7 April 2011

April 2011 - Normalville!

Its been a couple of months since I’ve written in this blog but things have been quiet in that time, at home and on my outings. Since shaving my legs, it has been nice to wear 7/15 denier hosiery instead of the usual opaque’s. Consequently, my skirts have getting a little shorter although not too short though - I do have standards!

Manage to meet up with my sister again which is always nice and again we met at Cheshire Oaks and another meal at Café Rouge. Next time, we are there, I think Frankie & Benny’s could be our choice of eating establishment. Also a couple of evening outs in the Village with some friends too but the visits to the Village are not the same anymore - it is the same routine all the time. No problem with that but not on a regular occasion though. May be I’m finding another door on the level that I’m on but definitely “Normalville” is where I feel comfortable and strange it may seen, also generally a safe environment too.

Talking of “Normalville”, I’ve manage to meet up with my friend Tina on a couple of evenings. We met at the Stretton Fox Pub/Restaurant in Cheshire for a lovely girly evening mingling with “joe public”. Much to our surprise, it was busy but none the worst for it either - in fact added to the whole evening. The staff were friendly & courteous with the food being nice too. To be honest, I’m not sure if anyone actually notice us - may be they thought we were everyday girls afterall!

The second occasion was only a week ago, this time we decided Handforth, nr Wilmslow would be the location. We had agreed to meet at the Bulls Head Pub/Restaurant but before I met Tina there, I had decided to visit the nearby retail park where my favourite store is, namely M&S. Walking around M&S, seem quite normal and no one batted an eyelid. I had tried some shoes on and located a nice skirt on the small sale rail. Sadly the latter was not reduced after asking a Sales Assistant to do a price check. She was very friendly and had tried to interest me in other similar skirts. In the meantime, popped around the corner to the cash machine at Tesco’s which was busy, again no one seem to notice. Yay, it left me with a nice feeling and a boost to my much needed confidence. Made my way to the Bulls Head to meet and another similar evening was had in the same way as the Stretton Fox although a little quieter.

The above outing’s in my mind felt right and normal and Tina also has similar thoughts / feelings too. We both feel getting out in the real world and not tranny safe havens is what we want. I’m sure in time we will stretch the boundaries where we go but no different to what a normal woman would do. One thing for sure, being the everyday world, the above & future outings only possible because you are either on your own or with a friend, therefore you are not so obvious to joe public and more change in blending in. If there is more than two then it you might as well have a blue light flashing saying “tranny’s about”!

Strangely I had the option to go out last night to the Village to meet friends for the monthly Northern Angels but I had a change of heart and decided not to go. Mainly because it is not what I want and even allowing for meeting some of my friends, it has just become just routine, same place, same time and all that.

Finally, I had arranged to meet my cyber friend from Altrincham for an evening out in Manchester. Although the date & time had been arranged for over two months, sadly for me it became a non starter at the last moment and consequently had to let my friend down, something I was not happy with but out of my control. Unfortunately, an age old problem occurred again, namely a family member was about at the time I was suppose to be getting ready and there was nothing I could do about it. So bloody frustrating but what I could do in the circumstances. Hopefully we will eventually meet but may be its not meant to be. Mmmmm I will find out in the future.

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