Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May 2011 - Feel alone, then again?

Another entry on my blog - well will be in the next few days but in the meantime, KD feels alone and talks to herself too - mmm the loneliness of the long distance (TGirl) runner come's to mind and my apologies to the film of the same name. I wish to go out but not on my own or to the Village - is that a crime? Finally got around to updating this entry, albeit in early June 11, so please read on!

Well time to play catch up on my blog. So what has happened since I last wrote here. Well a few good things as well as the usual frustrations but hey that is life sometimes.

Although I’ve been out three times during that time, not as many I would of liked but they have been good outings though. In mid May, met up with my good friend Tina and decided an afternoon / evening would be had in the heart of the Cheshire country side. As luck happens, it was a lovely sunny day and we met at Bowden, and visited the lovely location of Dunham Massey Hall & Gardens. Being sunny, dressed accordingly given my limitations so wore long red skirt with white top with the last minute addition of the forgotten red sandals I had. Tina also looks resplendent in her outfit, being a mix black/white/grey long skirt with black t-shirt & short cardigan. We seem to look the part regardless. Well we had an enjoyable time walking around the lovely gardens, taking numerous pictures including one/two by other people. No one even notice us and if they did, just thought we were two girls out enjoying themselves which we were along with plenty of chat too. Eventually, it was time to go and we had to decide on somewhere to eat, which turned out to be a place called “Home” on the A56 near Bowden. It looked quiet but there was plenty of people inside and was guided to a table by the member of staff along with a nice greeting. Fortunately for us, we arrived just before 7, so took advantage of the cheaper menu. The food was good along with the service by the staff too although Tina had notice one or two of them taking extra notice of us but nothing to worry about - may be they could not believe how stunning we looked. LOL. It was about 9 ish and we decided to head to the Village, Manchester to end the day and by co-incidence met up with Kate at Taurus. Before we knew it was time to say our good bye’s and head home for what was a lovely day with fantastic company. Cant wait to do it again as it just felt “normal”.

My next outing was not until end of the month and this time met Kristina who has only come out of the closet in the last 12 months, this being I think her 3rd trip out and certainly her first away from the shops. It was decided a visit to Tatton Hall / Park was the thing to do as it been a while since either of us visited the location. On this occasion although the weather dry, a little chilly and windy, so causal jeans with suitable top was order of the day. Met Kristina near to the Park who was wearing a nice dress, complete with flat sandals. Again while visiting the Hall and the cafĂ©, no one notice and treated with courtesy by all - cant expect any more. I had noted some parts of the Hall don’t seem to have change in over 20 yrs, since when I last visited. Certainly enjoyed the “Japenese” garden history and cultural themes. After that we had a nice walk in the park as by then got a little warmer. Again, it was time to go and think were to go for an evening meal. After a little driving round, we eventually found the “Swan with two nicks”, nr Bowden, off the A56 and not far from “Home” by co-incidence (last outing). This location was a typical country pub with the added feature of a nice restaurant which was busy. Guided to our table, we ordered out food, had a good natter, and the world pass us by including all & sundry in the restaurant. This was normal as it could be along with very friendly & courteous service from the staff! Oh yes the food was excellent and definitely a recommended location. It was now running late and decided to both head home but we were happy although a shame it had to end.

Although, I’m not getting out as often, they are made up in other ways by being out in the real world without the familiarity of the “Village” coming into it. However, sometimes between outings, I do get frustrated & fed up especially with lack of contact with other girls but hopefully this may change as time goes by.

As far as purchase’s have been concerned, very few really and the only significant purchase was a beige/ivory “Warehouse” mac that I’ve been seeking for a while. Its above knee length with nice pleats around the bottom giving a flared appearance, which helps in giving us girls more shape, which what I’m after. Unfortunately it is one of the down sides to our existing bodies, we tend not to have shape and there fore must create it - sometimes easier said than done but we get there somehow!

Anything else happened, oh yes. Unfortunately due to apparently alleged not so complimentary private remarks by a TV to some other girls’s about Transpose, Teela who runs the facility / business has kicked into touch the monthly Tea meetings on the basis of protecting her existing clientele and keeping away uninvited guests’s. Personally I can understand the reasoning behind it and it has got to be what is in the best interest of the business but somehow I’m not sure if there has not been a slight over reaction to it. As far as I’m able to see, the TV in question seems to be not a member of any of the known TV forums (by one) and there is definitely no public remarks made about Transpose either - in fact is anyone aware of it.? Transpose has been operating for about 3 / 4 years now and has always provided a good friendly service / facility to all TV’s and attempted to make all girls welcome, along with numerous recommendations, so not sure why some one needs to undermine Transpose (especially Teela) in consequence. Strange indeed. However, the backlash seems to be that there are now “private” meetings every now and then by invitation only to a couple of handfuls of selected girls. Clearly I seem not to be one of them, although some of my friends suggests this is an oversight as I’ve supported, assisted and recommended Transpose from almost when it started. However, I don’t think so as strangely I still get the monthly “Newsletter” ! You work that answer out then! LOL

Well that is enough for this entry, another due shortly!

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