Thursday, 11 August 2011

August 11 - Quality

Hello blog, its been a while since I wrote anything but plenty to write about though. Currently, we are in the midst of crazy sad happenings in various parts of the country were some people have decided they wish to help themselves to goodies from shops just for the sheer hell of it, no rhyme or reason for it! Personally round the lot up, lock them up and throw away the key.

Anyway, its not about them but about me! So what has been happening which is a good question. Of course a few outings especially away from the Village which has been enjoyable including a nice surprise too. Although it seems that I’m not going out as often, yes just 6 outings (3 in June, 3 in July) since my last blog entry but made up in quality to say the least!

In June, there was a couple of outings to the Village meeting up with some friends for the Northern Angels evening meal at Velvet - most enjoyable especially meeting Crystal from the North East, a lovely girl and one I hope I will meet again. The other at the end of the month was meeting Tina & Mandy at Eden and doing the usual rounds. In between, met up with Tina for an afternoon / evening outing in Southport. Although the weather was mix, an enjoyable time was had including visiting Jennie at “Wigs R Us” who met “me” for the first time. Jennie complimented me on my appearance which was nice but the purpose of the visit was to get my “hair” restyled. Afterwards, Tina & I went for a walk on the prom and down Lord St before we eventually arrived at “Lings” - an excellent Chinese Restaurant on King St. Although it was quiet, the food was excellent along with a lovely and very friendly host. If you ever visit Southport and seeking a bite to eat, “Lings” is highly recommended.

July outings were quality without a doubt and all for different reasons. As some of my friends already know, I don’t do Sparkle as it is not for me. However, I had decided to meet Tina & Mandy on the Sunday after in the Village and a lovely day was had. I was “me” for over 12 hours and took the chance to wear a couple of different outfits due to the kind generosity of Tina in letting me use her hotel room. Strange really, it seem to be a normal day in the Village although it was the day after Sparkle. Later on in the month, much to my surprise but never the less pleased, MR had agreed to come out with me away from the Village which the first time she had done this - a positive step forward to say the least. The emphasis of the outing was to keep it simple, so we headed to Southport for a quick visit calling at Wigs R Us and then onto Cheshire Oaks and met up with my sister for a bite to eat at CafĂ© Rouge. In all , no one notice and it turned out to be an enjoyable outing and one that MR enjoyed too. May be it could happen again? The best part of this outing at a personal level, I was out with two ladies and from Joe Public’s point of view, it was 3 ladies having a girly outing! The final outing was yet another with my good friend Tina. On this occasion I met Tina in Alderley Edge and visited Gawsworth Hall & Gardens although that was not our intended location. Going around the gardens, it became apparent it was a popular place for picnic’s and gazebo’s but also noted during the months of July & August, unknown to us, it becomes a concert / show venue for a variety of entertainment acts including much to our surprise, a burlesque evening. The latter is something to think about next year? After that, we headed to “The Merlin” in Alderley Edge for a bite to eat and as it turned out, a nice evening watching the setting sun amongst other people who were also having food, drink, and being with friends for a laugh & chat - this was normal as it could ever be and no one seem to be aware of our presence - clearly we had presented ourselves as female!

Well on that note which is what some of us are striving for, a nice way to end this entry.

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