Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October 11 - What's up girl?

Well the answer is nothing I suppose! Been over two months since my last entry but other matters have taken priority in preventing further blog entries along with a holiday in between.

As usual, I always have further thoughts about my life and associated things to it but don’t we all when it comes to ourselves? During this period, it has been no different with emphasis on my relationships with other girls again. I have concluded but sadly I have just a handful of friends but there is many reasons for this including I am not perfect - sorry girls but that is me! However, I do find some people, shallow when it comes to friendships, say one thing and then do the opposite! Yes, it takes two to make a friendship and I have tried to keep in contact but it seems to no avail in some case’s - falling on deaf ears springs to mind, not for the first time either.

August & September were sparse for outings unfortunately with a total of one! Already this month being half way already, I have doubled it in more ways than I could imagine! More of this later. The only occasion was early September, meeting Kristina for a quiet night in the Village. A nice evening was had including Villaggio’s for a bite to eat and customary visit to one of the nicest bars if not the nicest in the Village, The Molly House. If you have not been, make it one of your priorities - nice atmosphere, lovely surroundings and very friendly bar staff.

After the above outing, priorities change as it was holiday time which more or less put me in a box for those weeks. Regardless a good and memorable time was had. In between, more clothes purchases was had with emphasis on dresses were some success was gained - my results will be seen in due course! More clothes means space but sadly I don’t have any spare now which means a clear out. Well manage to find 49 items that I could do without, so some have and others will find there way on to Ebay in attempt to offset some recent expenditure. So far, so good but I sense another clear out is required though.

Finally October arrived and after two months, finally had a evening out with Tina again, unusually in the confines of the Village unlike earlier outings. It had been too long since we seen each other but there are numerous reasons for that but here is not the place to explain. My next outing, well was the weekend just gone but that will form a separate entry in this blog which hopefully will follow in the next few days - so watch this space if you are interested.

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