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November 11 - The Weekend!

Yes, quite a few days have gone by since my last entry but never the less, finally got around to writing about my weekend away I had in October.

Although I only have a handful of friends, some i have known for quite a long time, sometimes it’s a long time between meets. One of my friends, Julia, I have known for over 5 years but it has been about 2/3 years since we last met each other although we have kept in regular contact. During that time, we always had intentions to meet but something always got in the way. Julia is TS and has been living full time for quite a while and now lives in Northamptonshire. This year for her has been quite a year for her with mixed fortunes, some good but sadly her partner passed away a couple months ago. Her partner was a lovely girl who I met on a couple of occasions and had always supported Julia in what ever way she needed it. Anyway, partly because of the circumstances, now seemed to be the opportunity to visit and we agreed that the weekend of the 14th October was a date that suit us both. Julia kindly invited me to stay at her home for two nights, arriving Friday, departing Sunday, which was unexpected but never the less a lovely gesture.

However, I had to mention this to MR and seeking her ok so to speak. MR she did say it was ok but clearly as the time got nearer, there was some reluctance on her part which simply meant it was not wholly ok. But she knows me and by saying no, may have created an issue but knew I had to go never the less - a catch 22 situation for both of us but for different reasons. The other thing that occurred to me, I had never been me for more than 36 hours which was about 4 years ago, so a new set of matters to overcome during the weekend away but here is not the place to write about as probably trivial!

With dates set, it was just a case of getting my gear together including what to wear too. Easy said than done as some girls know. I had decided that I was going traveling there and back from Julia’s as me, so no half measure’s but also take the opportunity to get my nails done and false eyelashes fitted for the weekend. This created another problem as something I could not get done locally so needed to be further afield on my way to Julia’s. Problem was solved from a recommendation from a friend to try “Springs” in Warrington. I rang the salon, explained who I was and arranged a 11.45hrs appointment on the Friday.

With everything in place and no last minute hiccups, Julia was looking forward to my eventual arrival. Friday, 14th arrived, loaded car and got ready with departure at 11.00hrs. My outfit consisted of a long skirt with colour co-ordinated blouse jumper top and heels - sort of respectable middle class woman. I headed straight to Warrington for my appointment having had looked on Google Maps beforehand to get familiar with the locality including parking - a very handy internet tool indeed. Finally arrived at the Salon after parking the car about 800 yds away, walking through a busy village centre, I enter the Salon front door - slightly wary I suppose as I had never done this before as me. On entering, I received a warm welcome from the two assistants, one of whom announced my name too. From my point of view, what made her think I was Kay though - a question I ask her later as something was not quite right. Regardless, I received a lovely welcome, made at home along with a nice coffee. Yes the Salon was popular as it was busy, so I was just another woman getting her needs attended too. Anyway for the next hour, I got my nails / false eyelashes done and a nice girly chat was had including a nice compliment on my co-ordinated my outfit. This was a cracking experience, one that I wanted to do for a long time but best of all I now have a salon where I can go in future without a problem. Anyway, back to the burning question, how did she knew I was Kay, what gave me away. She was aware why I was a little cagey upon arrival and that was the problem. She confirmed my appearance, everything about was very good but the give away was I was not 100% confident when walking in! She understood why that was the case but from my point of view it was an interesting observation and one that has been taken on board. Simply where ever you go, whether it is a new or familiar venue, you must be confident in your manner from the outset. An important lesson learnt. After paying for my treatment and saying our goodbye’s, I headed to a local butty shop with new found confidence and purchase a sandwich for dinner. No problems there and then headed for car for the journey down south via the M6 & M1.

The journey down to Julia’s was as I imagine was uneventful, straight forward including a stop at the Corley M6 Services which was uneventful also. Finally arrived at Julia’s just on 5pm and was greeted by Julia coming back from the local Tesco Express. It was really nice seeing Julia, she was looking very well and natural. She had changed since I last saw her but for the better including a nice new hairstyle too. Well for the next few hours, it was playing catch up including a nice cooked dinner by Julia and settling into my bedroom for the next couple of nights. We had decided before hand that we would go out for the evening and being almost close by, a visit to PP in Milton Keynes was the obvious thing to do especially being the second Friday of the month. Julie had also invited her cousin Lisa, along too who was such a lovely person and great company too. Once we changed into going out outfits, it was off to PP collecting Lisa on the way. I had heard and was aware of PP for a long time but really never had any wishes to go or certainly not on my immediate list of things to do but being close by, why not. We arrived at PP about 10.15pm and it was clearly very popular as no room in the hotel or PP car park! PP is split into a number of bar area’s which cater for all tastes for those who want a quiet or loud evening. Not knowing what to expect but a lovely enjoyable night was had mixing with other girls in the quiet & dance areas of the club. The strangest thing I found was sitting outside by a big log fire with the moon shinning above us at 1.00am in the morning but it was nice. Julia was certainly enjoying herself and letting her hair down too - she deserved that after recent events and Lisa seemed to enjoying it too and it was her first visit also. Eventually we left PP at about 3.30am and that time of morning is unheard of in my book but we were none the worst for it. I must admit I did enjoy PP and hopefully would like to go again sometime in the future.

Eventually Julia & I got home and straight to bed but not before dropping Lisa off at her home - hopefully, I will meet her again. Later on that day, yes it was later on, Julia & I manage to get up although Julia was a little under the weather - not sure why though! lol. Unfortunately, this curtailed the planned afternoon outing but then again, I was much happier that Julia had enjoyed herself and manage to chill out so no problem with me. Then again, a girly afternoon in was nice anyway, just like any girls do from time to time. Eventually, Julia was feeling better and duly prepared a couple of pizza’s for tea. Afterwards we decided to venture out to a local country pub and a false start in the dressing stakes - Julia said I was over dressed but not knowing where we were going, it was hard to judge, I eventually got causal and elected for jeans with top & heels which met Julia’s approval - now I was the part. Julia has got a nice little two seater sports car which was out mode of transport to the pub! One thing for certain, no way you get into the car with a skirt on - just impossible especially as your knees need to be by your chin to get into the car!! In the circumstances, jeans was a wise choice! lol Anyway Julia took us for a “spin” in the car which was an enjoyable experience but cant see me getting one though - just not practicable! Eventually arrived at the “Olde Crown” (?), Nether Hayford, which was a typical English country pub with just the local’s in (mostly male) having a few drinks with one or two playing Northamptonshire Skittles! We had a couple of drinks, further long chat about I don’t know what and it was time for home and bed once again. This was just an everyday experience for Julia but for me, it was a little different and one that I enjoyed as I was me in an everyday environment.

Sunday morning / dinnertime finally arrived and it was thoughts about going home! Having got ready and packed the car, it was finally time to say our goodbye’s and for me to thank Julia for having me and for a lovely weekend in her company. More importantly, it was nice to see Julia relaxing and attempting to get back on track with her life - I think she can move forward now and hopefully it wont’t too long in seeing again. Well, I hit the road again, up the M1 and M6 toll road stopping off at a familiar service station, namely Norton Canes, one that I use when traveling south for holiday’s etc. Again, it all seemed normal to me, mixing with Joe Public going about their business in buying food, drinks, and such like. Anyway, it was time to move on again and hitting the M6 proper for home - the end of my incredible but enjoyable weekend with a dear friend being “me”. Hopefully, it wont be too long before another opportunity occurs again in the future for another weekend or what ever.

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