Friday, 11 November 2011

November 11 - It's all quiet ........... ?

It’s the 11th and its Poppy / Armistice Day - our thoughts must go to all the service men  and woman who lost their lives during the last century including present day conflicts for our benefit and to give us a chance to live our lives as we wish.
Those last few words there “as we wish”. Yes, that is the magic word “wish” but this applies to all of us though as for many of us including MR / family, we would like to do things differently but alas we cannot for numerous reasons, some that we can control, other reasons not so. However, we try in the main, attempt to make the most of what we have got and make the best of it! Well, there you go, what was that all about, I have no idea but just being thoughtful I suppose!
Well since my weekend away, things are back to normal and just manage a couple of outings, one a couple weeks ago and Monday just gone! Both have ended up in the Village though but because of slightly changed circumstances at home, were it means I’ve got to be out of the house by 3.15ish, I find myself having time to kill before meeting my friend(s). So it is question of what to do on my own as I have no intentions in sitting in a Village bar for couple of hours.
The first outing, I elected to visit the Salford Quays / Lowry Shopping Outlet and to do a bit of window shopping. As it happens, I ended up buying some tights from M&S so I could get my car parking for free. There were plenty of people about but I was just part of the crowd so it was just a normal outing. Then again in the light of my salon visit, I made sure that I was 100% confident in my approach & appearance, so may be it worked after all! Eventually, I headed for the Richmond Tea Rooms, in the Village and met Chrystal first (on a two day visit from the NE) were we have tea and cake! Later on we met Justine, Tina & Mandy - unusually this was a Tuesday evening not the usual Wednesday in the Village which made a change. Of course the emphasis was having a good time as well as a bite to eat, drink and plenty of chat. The bite of eat was the Little Ying Sang in Chinatown which was nice although a little expensive for what we got - regardless the service was good never the less. After wards, we ended up in the Molly House - a nice venue and one we had a laugh with a couple of the local’s too.
The last outing was Monday just gone, were I met up with Tina in the Richmond Tea Rooms (again) before we proceeded to Taurus for a bite to eat, drink and plenty of chat. As you may of expect, being Monday, the Village was quiet but still had a pleasant atmosphere about it - in fact it was nice and normal! Mmmm may be should go more often when visiting the Village, avoid Wednesday’s (as well as Saturday’s)? As mentioned before, I had time to kill before meeting Tina, so on this occasion, decided to head for Cheetham Hill Retail Park, Manchester. I know an unusual location but there was a reason though and it was not just (window) shopping. Over the years, some people have known about me including some work colleagues. One of those work colleagues moved on this year to become a Store Manager at the Cheetham Hill Retail Park and although she had seen images of me, never had seen me in the flesh before. So I decided to take the chance and to see if she was there. She was after asking one of her staff if she was in. The look on her face when she realised it was me was a pleasure but she was not fazed what so ever although clearly was not expecting this to happen. Anyway, we had a good natter and then went our separate ways. Somehow, I doubt she see me in the same light again in the nicest possible way. Afterwards, I proceeded to do some window shopping including visiting Next and Matalan.
Well that is everything up to date now in the life of KD, oh yes almost forgot, more clothes purchases but offset by selling 45 clothes items on Ebay which raised about £200. However, not sure it created any more space for my clothes so may be another mini clear out is needed. Also still making slow progress is making new friends but getting there though with a possibility of meeting one or two in the future which will be nice. There has been a couple of other girls, I have just said bye bye too as clearly not getting anywhere and no chance of a meet either. Talking of which, outings in the future, currently nothing planned and that is even with Xmas on the horizon.

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