Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December 11 - Not long!

Yes, not long before the New Year - sooner the better. Sorry, just not a Christmas lover I’m afraid, all hype but no substance I’m afraid and just get’s in the way of the rest of the year. However, if you like Christmas and all that, have a good one and may all your wishes come true!
Since my last entry, not much as gone on other the usual routine of work and numerous family matters. Oh yes, I was not well for a few days which included a couple of visits to A and E were a mini MOT was given and besides the problem in question, the rest of me was fine - so some good news ! Anyway after about 9 days, I thankfully recovered but it did take any outing thoughts out of my head completely.
Talking of outings, well there has only been three since the last blog entry, two to Manchester and another to Cheshire Oaks. First one, met up with Tina again (on a Tuesday) and a nice time was had, plenty of girly gossip and much to our surprise, came across Karen who was visiting from Tyne & Wear for a few days. The only thing that was different that day, was the visit to M&S in the city centre were “nature” called. No choice but to visit the toilet located in the basement next to the food department. Well headed straight to the entrance, turned left and hey presto, about 10 other ladies all waiting patiently! Fortunately for me in the past, never really encounted that problem before but anyway had no choice but to tag on. Now this is one of those occasions, were you do need to have self composure and express confidence in yourself. Well suffice to say, I passed with flying colours, even had time to brush my hair, check my make up and departed pass another queue of waiting ladies! In my mind, that tells me a lot about my demeanor and appearance - clearly I am presenting myself as I wish to be! While I was in M and S, I did purchase a pair of leather clothes for MR! Yes, may be Im out as KD but MR not far from my thoughts. lol.
My next outing was with MR to the Village last Wednesday which was the usual run of the mill, but never the less, most enjoyable. A nice meal at Taurus, visit to Richmond Tea Rooms and the Molly House were we met Kate on her usual weekly outing. A quick visit to Manchester Concord was had also being there Christmas Party night and met Jane Maybe who was looking well, but not sure why we went there anyway! However, on the positive side, prior to arriving in the Village, I had suggested to MR, would she like to go the Salford Quays Shopping Mall as we were running a little early. To my surprise, she said yes! Although MR has been to Southport and Cheshire Oaks, they were restricted visits, this would be the first normal public outing with me! So off we went and for next 90 minutes visited numerous shops, made purchases and even got called “sisters” by one gentleman seeking raffle ticket purchases! It all seem natural although clearly for MR not so understandably but she seem ok with it all. This was a big step for her but never the less, a boost to my own confidence, that MR finds me “presentable” for want of a better word!
The last outing was Monday gone, this time meeting my sister at Cheshire Oaks for some shopping and again a bite to eat at a local restuarant. This was just a run of a mill outing were two girls just going about their own business. In some ways, a none event but that says a lot anyway! :-)
Well that is about it for this year, I had hoped to get out a couple more occasions before Christmas but it was not possible or meant to be. May be or should I say, hope to get out sometime next week being a few days before New Year but currently not sure though, but will know better after Christmas I suppose? In the meantime, strange it may seem, not chatted or met any friends leading up to Christmas, so not had the opportunity to give them my best wishes for the season. Ah well, life is like that at times but now look forward to 2012 - mmmm, what will that bring??

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