Friday, 17 February 2012

February 12 - Interesting times!

First entry for this year which I suppose is good in a number of ways as it means things are OK? In some ways they are and no complaints what so ever there but other parts of my life are not ideal such as work!
Ive been in my present employment for over 4 years now and everything was fine until just after Christmas when the business decided my role was no longer required and had to do another role instead - basically they moved the goal-posts and Management done the dirty on me. Well at least I have not lost my job but these days although I’m part-time, the hours I work now are just playing havoc with parts of my life, leaving or finding time hard to be me! Well, I’ve decided to find another job in the present economic climate - don’t laugh but one must try! I did have an interview earlier in the week but i doubt I will get the job, simply I felt the interview could of gone better but at least I got an interview and take that as a positive!
Like numerous people at the moment, spare money is really not readily available so it does restrict outings as such but so far manage to have a handful so far this year which is not too bad. However, on the downside, they have all been in Manchester, mainly in the Village but again cost comes into this and lack of job free time to allow me to get ready without worrying about the call of the family! However, on the bright side of these outings, I have finally met two girls, Lisa B and Sarah who I have been chatting too for a quite a while. In fact with Lisa B, it’s been about 6 years chatting and never met! Lisa B is as good as her images I’ve seen and such a lovely person. Sarah had only been out once as herself, the first time just before the New Year to a local theatre but so this was her first occasion visiting the Village. Sarah looked fantastic and with a lovely personality too - certainly wised up to my and Tina’s wicked sense of humour while out with us. Hopefully , it wont be too long before I see Sarah & Lisa again but no doubt we will continue to communicate to chat via Messenger.
Talking about lack of money previously well much to my surprise, I have not purchase any new items for my wardrobe this year! Not so bad to be honest as my wardrobe is big enough already and a good excuse to wear some of the clothes I’ve not worn yet! At least one way of saving money I suppose!
Just over a week ago, while I was out, I received a text from M.R. informing me that my daughter has known about me for a few years but never said anything! For personal reasons, here is not the place to discuss this matter but just say this revelation came as a bit of a shock! M.R. and I had made a decision not to inform our children about me and this remain’s the case as we have to consider our sons too. Well the bottom line, although I have not had the opportunity to chat to my daughter about “me” yet, although it will happen in due course, it seems she is ok with it and I still remain to be the person as she normally see’s me as always. At least a positive step forward and one that I can take on board without too much of a problem.
Looking at the rest of 2012, I don’t have any definite plans for outings, so it just taking things as they come and see what happens but hopefully one or two with M.R and my sister too. May be my ongoing plans to go to the races and a theatre visit may happen too? Certainly will see Julia again, now with her boyfriend, George and when chatted to her, she seems to be happy and content which is nice to hear especially after last year’s events in her life - she deserves some good fortune. Well time to finish this entry but my nest outing is only around the corner when Tina and I are going to Birmingham for the day/night which will include a visit to “Outskirts” too. It should be a good couple of days. More of this in my next entry hopefully.

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