Wednesday, 13 March 2013

March 2013 - Home at last!

Well much of this entry refers to things happening in February rather than current matters, but the latter I’m sure will be written in the next few days as it will be about one of the highlights of KD’s life if not “the” highlight. 

February was a quiet month which in away was nice with minimum KD time but it was of maximum quality though. For a change no clothes purchases, nor any on the horizon although some MAC make up is required as running low on some items. While talking MAC, thinking of looking for suitable make-up to go with Red / Auburn wig that I have but very rarely wear. This is down in my opinion, that it requires different make - up to my normal so will seek advice from the MAC girls and see what they suggest. As for outings, only out twice, with first occasion being another Saturday evening out in the Village and meeting up with a couple of good friends too, namely Nikki and Christine who I have not seen for a while. Usual haunts were visited including a quick meal at Taurus and literally bumping into more friends during the course of the evening, including Paula, Carol, Kate and Mrs Kate, were a little bit of catch up on news was made. Also during the evening met a couple of (real) girls on a visit from Liverpool who were just having a night out, made more spooky, that one of them lived around the corner from me although she did not realize how close though! All in all, an enjoyable evening with great company, hopefully not too long before we do it again. 

The second outing was a little special on a personal note although the origin of the outing stemmed from a chance meeting of a student girl called Sianne from Blackpool in October last year. I met Sianne in Manchester while she was photographing another TGirl as part of her University project on Transgender people and got talking to her about her project. Cutting a long story short, I agreed to let her take some images of me in an everyday environment although at the time, not knowing which location it would be! That location turned out to be the Albert Dock / Pier Head in Liverpool which is my home city, a place that I have not visited for numerous reasons.    I met up with Sianne with her boyfriend Gary at the Albert Dock on a Thursday dinnertime were initially we had coffee / chat at the local Costa. From my perspective, this was as normal it was going to be amongst all the people and other students visiting too, especially being half term week too. Anyway Sianne, during the course of the afternoon, although a little chilly, proceeded to take photographs of me in an everyday environment without drawing any attention to myself. Gary was acting as Sianne’s assistant but he seemed to be enjoying himself along with being surprised how convincing I looked (his words) and beginning to understand why we Tgirls need to be ourselves. It was not long before the afternoon was over and we said our good byes, which after that, I went back to Costa for another coffee before ultimately heading home. It was only then I realize, that not one person gave me a second glance and not even the half term students had notice either which on reflection, gave me a great confidence boost that may be I look better than I think? Well it is up to others to decide that but I must be doing something right! As yet, not seen the images but I have been told there are some good ones and will be incorporated into Sianne’s university project. Regardless, I had finally visited my home city for the first time and deemed it was a successful visit but will restrict visits in the future never the less. 

So that was February but in the meantime, I had agreed to visit Sue Richmond in London in early March which turned out to be an extra special occasion in KD’s life in more ways than I could imagine. More of this, will be in my next blog entry, hopefully in the next few days or so. 

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