Friday, 15 February 2013

February 2013 - Not a bad start!

First, a belated happy new year to those you read this blog and hopefully it has been a good start for you. It is now 6 weeks into the year and it has been a reasonable start with getting out on three occasions and meeting new friends too - more of this a little later.

Life is ok at the moment and M.R. continues to support and accept me, although there is still the odd minor issue to deal with which we attempt to solve it one way or another. Being New Year and January, more clothes purchases were made but I have also had a mini clear out of existing clothes but not as many as I hoped that could go - need to look again I think as I just don’t have any room for more clothes. Thinking about the rest of the forthcoming year, my thoughts are about places and meeting friends further afield which I am attempting to do something about and currently working on some thoughts. Certainly I’m hoping that M.R. will come out with me on the odd occasion, as it is nice for her to share this part of me! One thing that is on the radar, is to see  a nice girl (friend) Sue in London for a couple of days but just got to find the right time to go as family and work matters need to be resolve to open up this window of opportunity. Other events that come under the radar for this year, include Leeds First Friday, Sparkle in July and hopefully Erotica (London) in October but have a little time to plan them. 

Getting back to outings this year so far have involved meeting new girls in order to build a new friend base for the future as clearly most of the girls that I deemed to call friends have drifted away for what ever reason - some of which are not clear to me! My first outing of the year was to a new girl’s house (Tami) for an evening get together with a couple more local girls who I met for the first time, namely Paula and Sophia. Strange really this was the first time I had actually done this but an enjoyable evening was had with plenty of girly chat and laughter along with a lovely meal provided by Tami - not a bad cook either! Hopefully during the year we will meet again, and may be an outing can be planned too. Second outing was with another new friend, this being Carol from Preston who I struck up a conversation in a chat room and within a couple of days met in Manchester and enjoyable evening was had again with friendship seeds sown for the future too. Last Saturday, I finally manage to meet Nikki again as it had been about 6 months since we last met, in that time, also manage to struck up a friendship with her lovely partner too (M), which hopefully I will meet one day. Met Nikki in the Village, and a good night was had with the added bonus meeting a few familiar faces including by chance Christine, Paula, Jane, Carol, Kate and her partner Shirley - certainly added variety to the evening along with playing catch up with Nikki. Can’t wait to get out again but may be next week at the earliest at this week is booked up with work and personal matters. 

Things at work are now routine and given my thoughts 12 months ago, i was not expecting to be there still but I am. However, in that time, all the girls / women I work with get on with me and vice versa, but that is down for being “myself” without the baggage so to speak. Everyone there has notice the difference in me and I must admit I’m happy too although I just wish I could get a little more free time than I do now! Keep working on the latter though. 

Finally, a friend I’ve known for at least 7 years, Julia has now fulfilled her long held wish and has now become the woman she always wanted to be. Julia had been full time for the last couple of years and we have kept in regular contact but finally made the appointment and arrangements to see Dr Chettawut in Bangkok last month. She is now back at home, recovering but in the good company of her boyfriend George who has supported her too. Hopefully, she will remain in contact with me and will see her again too but one never knows what will happen but from personal past experience, I have always lost contact with friends who gone down that route because they have sought (with some understanding) of a new life and breakaway from the old world so to speak. I live in hope, this wont be the case with Julia, so fingers cross. Regardless, I am pleased for her. 

Well that is enough for now and time for bed. See you again my little blog! 

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