Sunday, 30 December 2012

December 12 - Lets look forward!

Well it is almost the end of the year and its time to look back on the past year but more importantly look forward to 2013. But first, anything recent with Christmas being around?  

December has always been a quiet month for me for getting out, mainly because of work and family matters, just never easy to find “me” time. However, manage to get out twice with what I call quick visits to the Village to meet a couple of friends but that was it. Strange I had other opportunities to get out but no one seemed to be available. Ah well that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes. My next outing certainly wont be until next year that is for sure. Manage to purchase some clothes recently including a dress, 3 skirts and couple of tops, the latter for the summer as and when it arrives next year. 

Looking back over the year, it has been not as I hoped for in some ways especially in getting out on a regular basis. In fact my outings this year have been fewer than previous years yet I present myself better and confident too. Hopefully, I can change this for next year but this does hinge on meeting more people and making new friends - well that is my goal anyway. Highlights of the year have certainly been my trip to Birmingham and the couple of days at Sparkle - the latter is a surprise bearing in mind I prefer not to be there! May be that tells a story of 2012? At a personal level, I’ve been happier within myself this year but that has been down to M.R. and my work colleagues keep me going when K.D. physically can’t be around. The surprise of the year was my daughter knowing I was a TGirl but unfortunately only chatted about “me” once and never been mentioned again. I find this sad as clearly my daughter don’t wish to know or be interested which is not the way I hoped for but at the same time, not the way I bought up my kids either as I’ve always stated that it is the person that matters and not what they look like. Ah well, at least it is not total rejection but it still seems, it is still a secret!  

As for next year, well as stated, my main priority to get out as often as I can with old and new friends. May be this will include less visits to the Village and more elsewhere, I certainly hope so. I am aware, I have opportunity to get further afield and meet other girls I know via the forums, a couple of met previously but be nice to see them on their home ground so to speak. I certainly know that I am more content and comfortable in female company as they seem to treat me with respect and except me for who I am rather what I look like - that is nice. 

Well, this just leaves me to say Happy New Year and best wishes to all who read this blog, hopefully your wishes come true for next year also. Please take care and see you next year my little blog. xx

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