Friday, 30 November 2012

November 12 - Looking towards the future.

Just an average month in the life of K.D. , well that what it seems to be. Since my last entry, I’ve manage have more thoughts about the future which made me realise that although I never thought it was relevant, but I’ve spend 95% of my working life in the company of women and this even applies in my existing employment. So what does that tell me - simply I get on ok with women and feel at home in the company of them. I must stress, never in a sexual way, just pure friendship. Now in the light of my previous blog entry, I think the penny has finally dropped, it is better to be out and about with them too as “me”, again in pure friendship terms. There are advantages in this, especially being in the company of genetic girls is I become one of them too for all intent and purposes as “joe public” would be none the wiser. Personally, I have no issues about passing / blending in anyway as I dress appropriately and hopefully genetic girls would not have issues either? I suppose only one way of finding out but ....... a problem to be solved as yet but at least a direction in having genuine friends maybe?  

Over the last few months, all the girls I know in a particular place, have got to find out about me and accordingly have seen images of me too. Seven of them so far, have even seen me live and in simple terms, they have been impressed with what they have seen, seeking more information and also importantly destroyed the media / public perception of a TV too. The reaction has been better than expected including “wow”, “omg” “look good” and I “pass” too. Well put it this way, some never even realise it was “me” which I suppose says a lot. I know some of them would like me to go out with them but as yet I’m not sure if that is a genuine request or just a bit of fun for them? May be a step too far in this instance especially being local too as family considerations must come into this also. 

Manage to keep in contact with some cyber girlfriends and in a couple of instances, even a meeting has taken place is which another step forward. However, as with all TGirl friends, there is always baggage / personal circumstances that prevents a proper friendship from forming sadly. Alas the nature of being a TGirl but at least with the two girls, we know we are real now rather than a faceless name on the internet. Contact with a couple of close friends seems to be sparse at the moment due to their changing circumstances but we will meet up again when things improve at their end. You never give up on your genuine friends. 

On the home front, one thing that has become very evident, that M.R. has finally accepted who I am and also accepts my needs of being “me” too. It has taken a long time for this to happen but it does make life easier for both of us now - sort of we can move forward and get on with “our” lives  in its entirety rather than keep discussing K.D. matters. Another reason for looking towards the future too. 

Outings have still been sparse, in fact since my last entry, been out twice but that has been in the last two weeks. The first occasion, met up with my sister at Cheshire Oaks, had a bite to eat then went to the Unique meeting in Llandudno to meet up with one of the cyber friends, namely Angela who is a good looking and very presentable girl - mmmm she has lovely complexion but as yet not ventured into the big wide world. There were other girls at the meeting and I was made very welcome too - may be I will go again but make a day of it with some sightseeing in the area. The second outing was unusually, a Saturday (24th November) and also to Manchester. Not often I get out on a Saturday as there are reasons for this but not an issue never the less. On this occasion, met up with another cyber friend, Kathy at her home and she was a lovely person too. Sadly she had not been out for quite a while due to personal reasons but hopefully this may change in the future and we get the chance to do it together? After that, headed to the monthly Transforum meeting in the Village which was enjoyable along with very guest speakers too covering a few relevant but interesting topics. Again I met up with another TS girl (Bev) who I had been in communication recently and found her interesting and a straight but a lovely lady. Afterwards a few of us went for a bite to eat and an enjoyable time was had. It is hoped I can meet Bev again in the future. After the meal I got change into another outfit and met up with a local girl I know, Paula, who I had not seen for a while but had invited me along and to meet her other friends too. We visited some of the delightful bars in the Village before I headed home at 2.00am. All in all, a varied interesting but enjoyable day was had. 

Manage to sell more clothes on Ebay again, raising some extra cash for the piggy bank but not really making any in roads into my large wardrobe - a further clear out is required but still purchase a dress in the meantime at the recent M&S sale. Crazy but it was bargain and must have!

Well, my little blog, time for bed but at least the future is a little brighter and hopefully a couple more outings before xmas too?   

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