Friday, 19 July 2013

July 2013 - Experience, Transphobia and a filling!

Well it is that time of year when Sparkle has been and gone but it was a mix time this year and I’m sure more of this will come later.

Looking back at my last paragraph of my last entry, I have had further thoughts about Tina and I believe that she will be back in time - not sure why I say that I remain optimistic never the less and look forward in seeing her again. Life at home and with M.R. is about as normal as it can be which great really and as mentioned previously, there is no pressure about as and when KD makes an appearance. It is a nice feeling to have! 

Since my last entry, things generally have been quiet and weather has been warm/hot and sunny, which sometimes does not do Tgirls any favours when it comes to head gear!! However, manage to get out at beginning of month and met up with Kate for a quiet evening out in the Village, which turned out to be that too - quiet but enjoyable. Must do it again Kate. Met Kristina who was what was on her regular Wed night out and looking good too. Like all of us, we improve as we get more experience and more knowledge, ultimately looking totally different to when we first stepped out into the big world. Then you think back, why did you dress the way you did, but you got to start somewhere remembering that real girls always have the advantage of being who they are from very early stage in their lives and create their own look as time passes by. Sometimes we got to do that in a matter of a very short period of time, so may be we should not be so hard on ourselves when we dress, apply make-up etc. 

I have been reading Dianne’s blog recently and noted she (and her friend) had an unfortunate experience during a night out in Liverpool City Centre. Both of them had always visited on regular occasions a particular Tgirl friendly bar and never had any bother until this particular night, when without warning they were ask to leave for no apparent reason by the bouncer. Although they ask why, no reason was given and one can only assume that someone at the bar did not like their presence. As you imagine, this was embarrassing and unjustified as well as what may be transphobic behaviour! I do feel for Dianne as this is hers and my home city and generally speaking we (scousers) are a good natured / humourous people and do accept all sorts but on this occasion, I am unable to defend these actions what so ever. May be the bottom line that Liverpool City night life is just not ready for us Tgirls but is it time the binge crowd arrived in the 21st century and stopped being bloody stupid, as after all we are all human beings and wish to be treated as such! 

As mentioned earlier, Sparkle has been and gone and overall it was an enjoyable experience especially catching up old and new friends. May be that is the real reason for the event rather than a celebration of all things transgender? I had stayed over two nights being the Friday and the Saturday but prior to that, I had to think what I was going to wear which turned out to be easier than I thought. I had decided that dresses were order of the day, as it is very rare I wear them for one reason or another and also the opportunity had presented in work were two dresses caught my eye which were duly purchased for the occasion. The rest of my clothes were new items purchased during the course of the year. So right, it was now a case of waiting for the day to pack and off I go! Well not so my teeth said! Sunday before Sparkle and it had to be that week, a filling on my front upper tooth decided to crack which meant a visit to the dentist asap as it does dent one’s confidence in the smiling stakes. My next problem was to get an appointment and manage to get a cancellation with net result, filling done and normality returned - so I thought! Well I will leave it there in relation to this blog entry and write a separate entry about my joys, trials and tribulations of my Sparkle weekend. :-)) 

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