Sunday, 16 June 2013

May / June 2013 - Friends!

Hello my little blog, yes I’m still here but last entry which was many weeks ago, not much has really happened or has there? 

First I must mention yet again my partner M.R. who has accepted me for who I am which in a strange sort of way, has taken the pressure off me in being “me”! Basically, because there is no discussions as such between us as it is part of our lives now, there is no need to be “me” as I can now dress as and when I want. However, I now don’t feel the need to do so as I can do it anytime within reason and without setting an agenda. Not sure if anyone is reading this understands what I’m getting at but hopefully you may do? 

During these last few weeks, I have chatted to and e/mail some friends just getting upto date news and gossip along trying to arrange outings. The latter now a days not easy what so ever as we all have  our own personal circumstances and getting our free time to co-incide is on occasions mission impossible. However, that is no one’s fault just a fact of life. With these circumstances, I’ve only manage to get out twice, first beginning of May and also last week with both being manchester as the venue. The May outing, met up with Sophia, Carol and Tami, who was on her first ever public outing and she done well. A good evening was had with plenty of chat, drink and some food. Last week’s outing was really just a short one as it turned out. Took the opportunity to view the Blackpool and Fylde College annual degree photographic show at the Cube Gallery ( were Sianne was displaying her work involved in her TG photo project. Certainly a wide range of images provided by the students, some interesting, others a left you little puzzled. some thoughtful and small handful sort of shocked especially in a public gallery. While there, met a full time girl, Michelle from Warrington and we had a good conversation and a drink before we both headed home. All being well, will meet Michelle again in the future. At the moment, not sure of future outings as nothing planned but it may be Sparkle could be my next outing and I look forward to the event - at least a chance to wear some of my summer clothes!  

Talking of friends previously, two of my closest friends Tina and Sue have been going their own personal problems but totally different from each other. In respect of Sue, all I will say, she is going through a personal difficult time and with that a slight change of priorities for her. In due course I’m sure she will be back to normal and looking forward in seeing her at Sparkle. In the meantime, I’m thinking of you and you know where I am, if you need anything. My other friend, Tina has also been going through a difficult time over the last 12 months or so and in consequence, her priorities have completely change altogether with the result that Tina has firmly taken a backseat for the foreseeable future. Alas, will Tina ever make an appearance again? Unfortunately, our friendship was based on our femme personalities and consequently not sure if we had other things in common. With Tina’s decision, strange it may seem, I’ve lost a very good friend for outings etc were in the past we had many a good time in the everyday world. This has hit me hard in some ways and certainly one of the reasons for less outings. I have left the door open for Tina to get back in touch and hopefully our friendship can continue but sadly I don’t think this will be the case. However, I wished to be proved wrong but regardless I send my sincere good wishes to Tina for the future - she deserves it. 

Well, that is all for this entry as as I’ve said, not much has happened. 

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Sue Richmond said...

Thanks for the mention and your kindness. I'm looking forward to Sparkle and a catch-up there. Sue xxx