Friday, 11 October 2013

October 2013 - Was quiet but not for long?

Well Sparkle was almost 3 months ago and my last blog entry was some while ago, so it seems about time to make an entry! There lies a problem, what to write about if things have been generally quiet since Sparkle. However, I’m sure I will be able to come up with something? 

Well outings, have been minimal to say the least, in fact I think may be three outings since July, the last one being 2 weeks ago which was a nice evening with Kate in the Village. In fact, it had been a long time since Kate and I had a full evening together so in some ways we were playing a little catch up so to speak. Well we caught up on many things as well as having a nice meal at Velvet with visits to Taurus, Molly House and at the end of the night, Naps also. It was a good enjoyable evening to be honest and hopefully it wont be too long before we do it again. 

I had plans to do Leeds First Friday this month with a friend, hotel room was booked and all we needed was the day too arrive and off we go! Sadly, it never happened, my friend hurt her ankle so could not go and even if she did not, I ended up with a virus on late Thursday evening so I would of not gone anyway. Clearly it was not meant to be. May be next month? Talking of future outings, should have at least two in the next couple of weeks as provisional arrangements already in place.

Another mini clear out in the wardrobe was had with some more clothes going on Ebay but also purchase 3 River Island new skirts, a M&S dress and a couple of tops. Looking at my wardrobe now seems to be about right now in content and not over loaded either. Only taken me a few years to get to this stage. 

Keeping in contact with other friends sometimes seem to be difficult at times for numerous reasons including their personal circumstances of course but also method of contact too. I tend to use e/mails and Yahoo Messenger for contact with the odd mobile text message too - better for me personally. However, I am aware that some friends use Facebook and at times be tempted to set up an account myself, which I did! Although I change most of profile settings to keep it private as possible, it is clear to me that Facebook, still has away of connecting you to possible contacts either in your area or other links (via the internet) which has spooked me to say the least! So much so, other than setting up the account, I’ve not gone any further! I blame Facebook for this and the way they try their best to find any link that may introduce people to you - well Facebook, well done as you done the opposite and I wont bother! What makes it worst, is listening to some stories when things go wrong which makes you all the more wary! 

In the past, I have been aware quite a few girls seem to go to Blackpool for outings and also heard a few good reports too. So in consequence I have thought about going sometime but as yet never got around to it. Also what it makes it more interesting, I have not been to Blackpool in any capacity for over 30+ years until recently! M.R. and I (not KD) decided to visit Blackpool for a day out and see the lights too! Although an enjoyable day out was had, it made me realize that the general demeanor and the clientele it attracts was not for me even as KD. I know some of you will suggest otherwise but I just cannot find for the life of me what the attraction for Blackpool is? My impression of Blackpool, has not changed since 30+ years ago which I find sad indeed as clearly there are some nice people there. As someone said to me and in a way it sums Blackpool up, it is full of Kylelites - reference to the type of people that appear on the Jeremy Kyle daytime TV show! Ooooops me thinks but ...... ? Yes I wont be going to Blackpool again!

My next blog entry is already lined up as I visited the April Ashley exhibition at the Liverpool Museum of Life recently and in consequence deserves an entry of its own along with some suitable images too. See this link to the exhibition:-

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