Friday, 27 June 2014

June 2014 - Wasted time and Quality too!

Hello my little blog, I have not forgotten you but don’t always get the time to keep it updated but I’m now here!  My last entry was written in mid May and since then some things have happen, some have not or more to the point wasted time! 

The last couple of weeks have been a little tiring due to parent matters were alas they cannot be avoided. On the bright side, now’t to do with KD though but knowing your parent is still there physically but mentally, sadly not! Basically, your parent knows someone is there but don’t recognise its you which means you have lost your parent although they are still here! That is hard and life is cruel sometimes, but that is reality sadly.

With the above in mind, my brain has been in overdrive, not helped by the fact that I’m trying to fit in work, home matters, a couple of concerts including two days away and also some KD time too. It is a wonder, I’ve had time for sleep. Currently not enough hours in the day but life gets like that on occasions so I’m sure things will calm down again in time. 

So what has been going on in KD’s world then? Not a lot but then again there has been 4 outings and 2 non events in that time, the latter causing much frustration to say the least! One of the non events was just pure time wasting from a “new” girl (Suzzie) I had been chatting on a forum, were agreed to meet in Manchester and at the last minute when I was already there, she text to say she cannot come due to family matters! Sadly I did not believe her and told her not to contact me again, yes I was most annoyed! Ironically this same girl done exactly the same thing to another friend of mind 10 days later, so clearly the girl in question is a serial time waster!! Why oh why do they do such things? Do they get a kick out of it wasting people’s time? Anyway this girl’s card is now clearly marked! The second non event was a genuine cancelation by Bea Groves due to health reasons but I was looking forward to meeting her in Manchester as I’ve sort of known her for a few years now. May be we get another opportunity to meet in the future? 

As for my four outing’s, I think I can safely say they were quality outings, meeting good friends and nice people - always a good combination for an enjoyable time. First outing was with Kate, Anna (Kate’s girlfriend) and Lisa and we had a meal in Chinatown, Manchester along with a couple of bars in the Village. Anna I found was a lovely attractive girl from Birmingham and we seem to get on well with each other, therefore I can see why Kate likes her. Lisa I’ve met on a few occasions but this was the first time we had actually chatted to each other and hopefully not the last. The second occasion was beginning of the month, agreed to meet up with Sophia for an outing in the Village and by default, met up with Kate again as the girl she was meeting not turned up as mentioned previously above! Always a pleasure to see Sophia but clearly it is the only time she gets out when she meets me but hopefully Sophia gains confidence to get out more often.

The next two outings was only last week, with the visit of Sue Richmond to Manchester for two days after her break in the Lake District with other friends. Sue was doing a short tour of England as after Manchester was Nottingham. Last time I met Sue was Sparkle last year so seeing her was long overdue and I appreciated her making the time and effort to stop off at Manchester. We had agreed to see each other both days for particular reasons. I met Sue in the Village on Wednesday evening in the company of Kate and Mrs Kate, were we had a nice meal in Velvet, which much to our surprise, was Sue’s first taste of the Velvet Restaurant. After that, a short walk to the Molly House for further drinks. However, by this time I was unusually sadly lacking energy and bedtime was calling being probably over tied, so called it a day. As I headed home, Sue, Kate and Mrs Kate headed to Naps. 

The following day was a little special although I agreed to meet Sue again, the main reason for this was simple, it gave a nice opportunity for M.R. to see Sue, so therefore for the first time in 15 months, M.R. came out with her special friend. M.R. have always stayed in contact with Sue so being in Manchester there was no excuse in not meeting. Although this meeting was always about Sue and M.R., it was nice for me personally to be out again with M.R. - a shame we can not do it more often but understand M.R.’s reluctance in doing so. As a bonus, we met up with Diane, another long standing friend were we headed to the Richmond Tea Rooms for desert first, prior to our main meal at Taurus. Yes I know desert before main meal but the Tea Rooms do close early so did not wish to miss out! It was really nice to see Sue and M.R. together again, they were getting on great, with me just being the side attraction which I did not mind. Then again I was out two days running so no complaints from me. My personal thanks to Sue for the visit and clearly you are a special person in M.R.’s eyes in getting her to come out with me again. 

So these last four outings have been “quality” to say the least which makes up for the lack of frequency. As for future outings, may be one next week and after that is Sparkle weekend, were I will be there for three days meeting up with some friends including Sue again! As things stand, I know what clothes I’m taking with me which is unusual but the theme is “dresses”. As part of the plan, I’m hoping to get my nails and eye lashes done at a beauty salon prior to my arrival in Manchester. Well a girl has got to look at her best with so many other girls and people in attendance! :-)) 

So anything else to write about? Mmmm oh yes heard from a long standing friend Julia by quick text. Yes she is alive and seems to be enjoying her new life - good for her but I’m not sure if we will ever see each other again sadly given the lack of frequency of contact between us, but fingers cross never the less. Still attempting to make contact with new girls and on a couple of fronts, making some headway so may an opportunity to finally meet one, let alone anymore. Sadly, with other friends, sadly no contact or they are just disappeared without any explanation which is a shame but that is the nature of being a TGirl - all our personal circumstances are different so with some girls, they will always flirt in and out of the scene. The only constant factor in all this, I’m still here and not going anywhere, so they can always contact me again! 

Finally, more clothes purchases, when will I stop? Recently bought a maxi dress, well one can hope a nice day and occasion will arise to wear it - may be Sparkle? Other purchases include a couple of tops, yet another skirt and a pair of snakeskin flatties (shoes). Still need to have a mini clear oout but when do I get time? Well on that note, time to go as work beckons and yes again not enough hours in the day to do what I wish to do! 

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Sue Richmond said...

No idea why I didn't get round to commenting before but thanks for sharing and for your company when I came to visit Manchester. It was good to see you and the Mrs. My own take on my visit will be posted soon. Sue x