Tuesday, 13 May 2014

May 2014 - Thoughts elsewhere!

It has been a few weeks since my last entry and in someways that tells a story or may be lack of one. Really now’t to write about! Things in general have been quiet or may be more to the point lack of any activity. I seem to be stuck in the middle, wanting to go out and no one to go out with as been let down or people are busy doing other things. Since last blog entry, I have been out once and then I was taking a chance, as not meeting anyone in particular but been that long since I was out, that needs must. Anyway, went to the Village on 23rd April and see how things would pan out. Had a billy no mates meal at Taurus, visited the Knitting Club twice and by half nine I was ready to go home - yes it was that quiet! Anyway, while in MC, a girl approached me and introduced herself as Alison from Kent - well that change the night completely, we spent the rest of the evening chatting and visiting various bars in the Village and consequently an enjoyable  evening was had. Alison was on business in the area and could not resist a night out in the Village, I’m glad she did and now we have become friends. Just such a shame she did not live local but hopefully we will see each other soon again but definitely at Sparkle. It is strange how things can change literally in a minute and being on the verge of going home! However, I must say the first part of the evening in my opinion was a disaster especially being on my own as that is what it is not all about. Would I do it again, I’m really not sure as would I be so lucky again in meeting up with another nice girl out of the blue. I don’t think so.

As the title of this entry is entitled “thoughts elsewhere”, I need to explain why. Simply, a good friend of mine, Sue Richmond is having a difficult time especially with her face, which is the last thing any TGirl wants to happen. Although I’m moaning about lack of opportunities in getting out, at least I can get out without undue worries about my appearance. See Sue’s latest blog entry which will explain all - http://suerichmond.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/bad-face.html I am sure like myself, you must feel for her and sincerely hope, a solution is found or better still, it disappears in the same way it arrived. 

Some weeks ago, I made what turned to be my last entry on the Angels Forum as it seemed that either the Forum has lost its way or it did not cater for my needs anymore - probably a combination of both. My last entry was simply covering those issues and the responses I received from other members were mixed but never the less interesting. However, bottom line, nothing has or will change in the future on the forum so no point in participating. Unfortunately, the Angels Forum simply does not cater for girls who are in the middle so to speak rather than those are new / still in the closet or wishing to go full time which the forum seems to cater for. May be one day, something will change on the forum and will cater for girls like myself again - so I remain a member and may be look in from time to time. 

Well anything else to write about? Mmmm not sure, certainly don’t need any more clothes although I did purchase a dress yesterday in the M&S Sale. This one is for the summer as I don’t have many summer clothes to begin with. Given the amount of opportunities I get out over recent months, may be I should have a good clear out of my clothes as it seems I don’t get the chance to wear them sadly! Regardless, a mini clear out must be due one way or another. The one thing that is keep me going at the moment is the “Sparkle” weekend in July and scheduled to meet up with a few friends there. I just hope nothing changes for that weekend otherwise, I’m not sure how I will cope mentally if it goes pear shape but it won’t - stay positive girl! I am hoping to get out tomorrow night but nothing is set in stone, so again, simply not sure it will happen. Well fingers cross. Right that is enough for now as I need to get ready for work! :-) 

In the meantime, if any girl is looking to get out during the day and / or evening in the North West, please get in touch and see how things transpire. I can't be the only one in this situation? 

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Sue Richmond said...

Thank you for your very sweet comments and support, KD. I appreciate your friendship very much.

On another subject, I too find Angels at present doesn't really cater for girls in the middle or, as one friend put it, "those who have found equilibrium". To be fair, any website is only as good as the people on it so if most are new or transitioning then that's not the site owner's fault. That said, there is a problem with aggression and abuse on Angels in my view, to the point that people have been migrating to Roses. It used to be the other way round!

I intend to make sure you have a friendly night out in Manchester next time I'm there.

Sue x