Monday, 24 March 2014

March 2014 - All mixed up (not for the first time)!

Been a couple of months since my previous entry but really no point in writing if there is nothing to write about, well almost nothing but a few lines is not worth making an blog entry! At the end of my last blog entry, I mentioned about visiting MAC to restock up on my make up and so this was done. Total cost including make up for MR too, just on £175.00!! Things we do to attempt make ourselves look better but does it though? Answers on a £50 note please. 

Currently on two weeks holiday from work so playing catch up on a few domestic chores at home while I can along with taking some time out to be “me” too. Already managed to get out last Wednesday and met up with Kate for a few hours including a nice meal and catch up chat. Since then, it got me thinking about my outings and concluded, the last 18 months has been all mixed up for numerous reasons, some of which I have written about before in my blog. One of the reasons for this, I spent most of my outings in the company of different people were no two outings are the same or with the same person with the exception of Kate (Kat). But most of the outings have been to the Village, Manchester and I think that is were the problems lies. I enjoy visiting the Village and will continue to do so but I do enjoy going out to other places but that has not happened - this needs to change and must find ways of doing so. But whose company can I do that with, now that is the real question and one that needs to find an answer. May be part of the answer, is to visit other places in the UK to meet other girls but this would be on the basis of quality time rather than quantity - will that work in my head though? May be I need to give it a try? Certainly trying to get out in the normal world with local girls is also impossible as most of them, for numerous reasons, still shy away from such adventures, whether it is because of personal circumstances, still in the closet or just don’t have faith in them selves (nor the appearance) to blend in with their surroundings. Am I so different to other girls or am I at a more advanced level then most girls could ever aspire too for again, numerous reasons? 

Talking of friends, always interesting when you find out about something about people from the past, especially those who you met and then disappear - not to be heard of again but you do though! :-)) Some friends disappear but it is funny how they reappear again but don’t make contact with you - why? Is it a form of embarrassment, they don’t wish to admit they were wrong and could not help themselves to come out again? Or is it may be that the reality of the situation, you were not such a good friend in the first place although you thought you were and left the door open to make contact again? I suppose we may never know but I certainly view the situation that it is nice for them to get back out but why not make contact again? May they used you first time around and not value your friendship in the first instance? Mmmmm what ever the reasons are, it is not a nice feeling to have when you find out though that has happened. Aren’t some people (un)intentionally cruel and no consideration for others?   

Outings over the last couple of months have been minimal with the only one in February was to Leeds First Friday for the second time and another good evening was had. Met up with some girls (Belinda and Sarah) I had been chatting on a forum which was nice and hopefully the basis of possible future friendship. Another girl who I had been chatting on a forum, I had arranged to meet which I did, but it became clear to me, she was not interested in my company what so ever and in order to protect her identity (because I’m nice like that), I concluded her head was far up her own arse not warrant any future friendship what so ever. Sadly you get people like that in everyday life but just find it so unnecessary. Yes I do speak my mind sometimes! Best part of the evening was literally bumping into Diane (& her friend Ashley) in Fibre, so unexpected for both of us as we were asking the same question “what are you doing here”. Regardless, it was nice to see Diane, she was looking well and content especially being with her friend Ashley too. Hopefully it wont be too long before we meet again. :-) 

A couple of weeks ago, manage to get out to the Village (again) and met up with Sarah, which was nice and always a pleasure although it don’t happen often enough sadly. Also, another girl, Jennii came out with us too. I had been chatting to Jennii previously on a forum, and found she a local girl, so close only 10 minutes away in the car. So for convenience and to assist her, I collected  and dropped off at her home. Jennii I found was a nice but quiet girl, who as we found out had some things in common with each other. All in all, that was another nice evening and hopefully I will see Jennii again. Well fingers cross. 

Well, I think that is enough for for this entry, time for bed and plan the rest of my second week’s holiday. 

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