Thursday, 23 January 2014

January 2014 - The long and short of it all!

Happy new year little blog and it has been a while since my last entry. Well, Christmas and New Year is always a quiet time for me as I seem to go back into the closet because of other priorities and also opportunities to get out is almost impossible. However, I accept that and don't worry about it though, just a fact of life. 

My last entry in November, I was clearly not in a good place but remarkably a few days after that entry, things changed yet again and life was a little brighter. Just proves you never know what is around the corner and therefore don't give up hope! On this occasion, Amanda Parnell contacted me as she was in the area and would I like to meet her in Chester? However, this was not an easy meet as I was rostered in work on the day we met, so I had to figure out the logistic’s of how to meet Amanda and also get into work later. The only way I could do it was to arrive in work as “me” but fortunately my colleagues are aware of me / seen me but clearly wont be expecting to see me arrive in work as “KD”!  Well cut a long story short, I met up with Amanda in Chester City Centre, had a walk about around the centre, had coffee in the Grosvenor Centre, visited the Cathedral, plenty of chat and last but not least was the video operator for Amanda’s Mystery City series which was amusing on my part. I have seen Amanda’s other video’s in this series but it seem strange for me watching her doing one live - so surreal! Regardless it was nice to meet Amanda and a good time was had but now had to get to work which was interesting to say the least arriving as KD! My colleagues reaction was quite amusing in the nicest possible way and loved the look but clearly things could not stay as they are due my customer facing duties. Well it was a good day regardless and certainly helped to change my outlook after my previous blog entry.

My next but as it happens my last outing of the year was on Wednesday, 11th December were I met up with Kate in the Village and yet another nice evening was had with her. Unusually on this occasion, I was wearing a gold / black dress that was shorter than Kate’s which was amusing to day the least as its always the other way around! A sign of the times perhaps? :-))) Interestingly, I had pencilled in 11th December as an evening out with M.R. and possible with another couple too to the Village as it had been a little while since M.R. had been out with me. What came next took me by surprise and a little shocked too, M.R. decided she did not want to come and had no further desire to come out with me in the future. Although we had further communication on this matter, it became clear M.R. wanted the real me as she put it - who can blame her though but was accepting of who I am and better for me to continue with KD’s life as and when as she no problem with that. Sadly for me, it not what I wanted as I enjoyed M.R’s company when she came out with me especially after our London trip. However, I won’t give up and keep fingers cross, that M.R. will come out me in the future, I certainly hope so! 

As previously stated Christmas and New Year is a dead part of the year so it becomes forgetful from my point of view and just look forward to the new year, so always attempt to plan an outing so I had something to look forward too. In consequence, manage to get out to the Village on 8th January, meeting up with Kate (& briefly Paula P) in Taurus. Kate was impressed with my leather coat but was not prepared what I had on underneath! I had decided to be very daring and unlike me, wore a very short black leather skirt! When I mean short, I mean short as length was only 13” which gave the opportunity of showing my legs off - yes i do have them too! Kate I think was impressed, but although it was nice to wear (with red top and boots), I don't think it will become part of a new image for me, just a little bit of fun and no harm done. Will I wear a short skirt again? Who knows! 

Being sale period and with not much money available, I limited my purchases to a M&S long black leather handbag and a Laura Ashley silk dress I’ve been keeping an eye on. The latter I got for £54 from £150 but as yet no definite plans to wear it but something will come up to give me the excuse to wear it which leads me onto future plans for this year. In the light of M.R’s decision to let me do my own thing so to speak (unless and hopefully a change of mind), my initial thoughts are clearly Leeds First Friday on a couple of occasions (may be soon?), Sparkle weekend and may be Erotica in November. Besides that hopefully some day outings in normalville which I always enjoy, along with visits to the Village and may be visit to London to see my lovely friend Sue again? 

Well I think that is enough for now but need a visit to MAC for some new make-up in the meantime. Oh yes, a little late maybe but a Happy New Year to everyone. 

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