Tuesday, 23 September 2014

September 2014 - Ah yes, Sparkle has come and gone again! (Part Two)

After a few hours sleep, Sunday morning time to get up, get packed and ready for a 11.00hrs leaving time from hotel room - not easy when you are short on sleep to begin with! Ah well, the joys of being the person that I and other girls are. :-) However, today was going to be a little different, as M.R. was coming for the day, mainly to see her good friend (let alone mine) Sue and also Zazoo and Joanne. I was after thought but I say that with a little tongue in cheek but had Sue not been there, M.R. would not come. Regardless, M.R. had known in advance that Sue would not be her usual self but it makes no difference, as it is all about the person hey. 

Anyway, I finally got ready, (a nice Laura Ashley dress worn) got my bags and stuff into the car along with booking out of the accommodation and headed to the Village once again. Met up with Sue, Zazoo, Dave and Joanne once again and about an hour later, M.R. finally arrived, who got a warm welcome from all. Fortunately the weather was kind, so we spent the rest of the afternoon, with in the confines of the Village, having our drinks outside Taurus just chilling and watching the world go by. It was decided that it would be nice to have out lunch at the Richmond Tea Rooms and fortunately manage to get a table for all of us around 14.30hrs. We spent the next couple of hours indulging in lovely sandwiches and cake - all enjoying each other’s company and having a laugh. During this time, for the first time in the events history, Sparkle organisers decided to have entertainment in the Sackville Gardens for the Sunday afternoon, so after our belated lunch, we headed to the park to see what was on offer. 

There were a few girls about surprisingly in the park, so we mingled as such and yet again I met up with another girl I had not seen for a while, which was Paula and as her lovely partner. As girls do we got chatting, and introduced our partners to each other, which after a slow start, they manage to have a nice conversation with each other. By then, the group of us decided another drink was required and headed to the tables outside Via. For the next few hours, more chat and drink was had. Talking of Via, I had forgotten about the encounter with some girls there, the day before who were friends of Alison. Alison was walking past and noted her friend (cant remember her name sadly), so she said hello, introduce me to her and her elderly friend, who I though was her mother! Anyway we had a couple of drinks and plenty of chat, but while during this chat, I only realise that the “mother” was in fact a TGirl friend! Talking about blowing me down with a feather, this was it and there was no way of knowing she was a elderly TGirl! Seeing her, gave me a boost for my thoughts for the future, so there is still hope as we get older.

By now it was now mid evening and thoughts were now thinking of home time sadly and leaving everyone to get a bite to eat somewhere. So for me it was time to get change and say our good bye’s to all and finally head home. M.R. seem to enjoy herself and was happy that she met Sue again, although as her alter ego but again, she still is the very same warm hearted lovely person. While I getting change, I realise only then, that my false eye lashes that were not going to come off at that time, so made the decision to do them when I get home, much easier to do so I thought! 

Finally arrived home, my son was at home, so made sure, no eye to eye contact was made as clearly he may note my lashes were longer than normal. Headed upstairs and attempted to get them off. Mmmmm there lies a problem, I could not tell the difference between the false lashes and my real lashes, so therefore it became clear it was not going to an easy job. To cut a long story short, I spent the next two days with the false eye lashes on, avoiding contact with my son as and when, but also best of all, I was in work for both days, were part of job is dealing with customers face to face, let alone my colleagues who already knew about me! Fortunately for me (I think), most customers had not noted or if they did, not said anything but I still had the problem of getting the lashes off. Well after seeking words of wisdom from different sources, there was three options open to me which were using baby oil, vaseline or eyelash glue remover. I had tried baby oil and vaseline the day before but no joy, likewise eyelash glue remover was a little known product especially in Boots! Well two days after the weekend, push came to the shove, and decided a concerted effort had to be made to get the lashes off! So on Tuesday evening, with the help of some vaseline, tweezers and a little patience, I finally got them off and fortunately without any damage to my own lashes which was the most important thing. There was relief on my part but also sadness, as then realise, had my son not been around, I would of left them on without any problem what so ever. May be next time I get false eye lashes, get a shorter set and may be, just may be, they could stay on? 

Well, that is the end of this year’s Sparkle weekend adventure, a most enjoyable one for all sorts of different reasons and no doubt be back again next year to see all my friends again. Now, I need to play catch up on my blog for what has been going on or not going on in the last couple of months. Hopefully be back soon. :-)

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