Saturday, 11 October 2014

October 2014 - Getting back to “normal” & LFF!

Ah yes looking at the heading, what is “normal”? I really don’t have any idea, everybody has a different interpretation of the word but in my case, life after Sparkle! Writing this now 3 months after Sparkle, what have I been up to suppose is the question?

Well life after Sparkle has been up and down, but that is to be expected and something I’ve got used too. Work has been all over the place especially being short staff for a considerable period. It’s only recently, that we have got a full quota of staff but even today I find out another staff member is leaving for a new full time job! But that is progress I suppose! Home life is fine which is nice, in fact probably improved as my son has got a new employment and his finishing hours are more in keeping with “me” getting ready without the fear of an early arrival home - so that is an unexpected positive step forward. 

Outings have been at a minimum too for numerous reasons, working out about once a month but a total of 4 including Leeds First Friday last week. All three visits have been to the Village or thereabouts, meeting various friends but all been good never the less. On the second meet of the three, my good friend Sarah (Cheshire) manage to a rare outing and it is always nice to see her - she is a lovely girl and hopefully not too long before I see her again. The third was an invite to Anna’s 50th birthday meal at Brown’s Restaurant in Manchester City Centre in mid September and that was a good evening indeed. Good company as there was 7 of us altogether including Kate and Mrs Kate, along with good food and service with best of all away from the Village too. After that we headed to the Village to “Oscars” which is one of the best bars in the Village. The theme for “Oscar’s” is based on the Hollywood Film Musicals with TV screens around the small but cosy bar playing various musical songs from the films. The atmosphere is good but with the songs / video’s being played, they become a talking point as well as an excuse to staying quiet while you sing along - you just cant helped it! :-)) If you have not been, go and visit, you may just like it! Afterwards we headed to Naps before I finally headed home! My only regret, that I had forgotten to get a birthday card (& little pressie) for Anna as I’ve got into the routine of just another night in Manchester. Sorry Anna if you reading this but will make it to you in due course. 

My latest outing was last Friday but it was nearly a none event although it had been loosely planned since July. I had agreed with a friend from the North East to share a room over night at the Travel Lodge in Leeds for the “Leeds First Friday” monthly event with room paid in advance with a 24hrs cancelation (refund) clause too. Last time I was at LFF was in February so was really looking forward to this. What happened next was so unexpected and very annoying to say the least! My N.E friend (yes I am protecting her identity, silly me) text me 10.20am on the Friday of the event to say she not coming!! Apparently she had problems which was fair enough and clearly been on going for the previous few days without suggesting that she may not come but to leave so late to let me know, well as I’ve said was bloody annoying! This left me without the option of the 24hrs cancelation clause, and being on my own! Was made worst by the fact, another friend from Sussex who we going to meet for the first time decided also could not make it but she was going with another girl anyway, so it was not a definite meeting arrangement! Having had got all packed and ready to go, I was left in a Catch 22 situation - go and take a chance I meet someone familiar without gate crashing their arrangements or not go at all and lose the £43 on the hotel room? I spent the next 3 hours attempting to decide and even trying last chance saloon with a couple of other friends to see if they wanted to go with no surprise, no joy! In the end I made the decision to go and see what goes. In the meantime I had purposely not text N.E. friend back - you decide why! 

Having arrived in Leeds, I then find out another newie friend Tina was going as I received an e/mail via my phone she was arriving soon and we could get together.  This was finally a little bit of good news but still left a sour taste in my mouth though. My N.E friend knew she was going but had not said Tina was on her own or suggested where she was staying! As it happened, it was the same hotel and she was in a room on her own! It does not take genius to work out that had I known the day before, one of us could of cancelled the room, saved some money and stayed together in one room! Rubbing salt into the wound hey! As for the rest of the night, it was good one, we both enjoyed ourselves and never got to bed until very late not after meeting some interesting people along the way too including a nice couple from Burscough. Best venue of the night was the "Smokestack" with the theme based on R&B music - some great tunes getting played but there was very few girls in there but everyone was having a good time. A highly recommended venue were you dance all night to some great classic tunes! Something else happened during the night were my N.E. friend again manage to make a fool of me without being present - that takes some doing hey! :-))) Tina and I finally said our goodbyes later Saturday after visiting McDonalds for a bite to eat before finally heading home a little tired! 

I was hoping to get out again this week but sadly bank balance said no - ah well cannot have everything! :-)) The aftermath with my N.E. friend - well finally sent her a pleasant e/mail to her letting her know how I felt by the timing of the cancelation (not the reasons) but as yet no response although I know she has been around on the Internet. Mmmm I wonder whether an humble apology and £21.50 cheque will be forthcoming, as that all I want and then we can both move on and put it in the past, but sadly so far no response! 

Currently, now having a sort out of my wardrobe again and seeing what can go on Ebay. So far I’ve got over 20 items to sell and only half way through my wardrobes. Those wardrobes that have been cleared look much better and my clothes are not so tightly packed anymore. Just proves I’ve got too many clothes hey! If thinks go to plan and bank balance says yes, M.R. has suggested we could go out next Wednesday together with her “special” friend which I thought that was nice and as it happens there is a good opportunity to do so too. This pleases me to say the least and fingers cross it will happen - I really hope so! Well that is enough for this entry, time for bed as work later. 

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