Friday, 21 November 2014

November 2014 - A routine entry!

Hello little blog and trusting you are ok? Yes ok here too with the usual grumblings but we stay away from that hey! So since last entry what has been going on? Not much I suppose but only three outings since with a couple near miss’s too but ended not going due to “family” matters. 

As mentioned in last blog entry, M.R. had suggested an outing with her “special friend” and this actually happened which was great. I decided to dress down so to speak in keeping with “normality” rather than short skirts of late. An enjoyable evening was had in the Manchester Village with a nice meal in Velvet and visits to both the Molly House and Oscars afterwards. M.R. was impressed with Oscars as it was her cup of tea as the bar is based on film musicals showing various known singing clips from the musicals which creates a talking point along with a good atmosphere. All in all, a successful night and hopefully it will happen again. 

My other two outings was meeting Alison from Kent, who was staying overnight and an excellent evening was had with unusually me getting home at 4.00am due to numerous reasons. It is always nice to see Alison, as we play catch up on various happenings, generally have a good time and plenty of laughter too. Visited Velvet again for a meal, along with calling into Via, Oscars and also Naps too - it was also Alison’s first visit to Oscars also and she liked the place too. My other outing was meeting Kate in the Village again and that is always an enjoyable evening. As mentioned before, I tried to get out the last two Wednesday’s but have been thwarted for numerous reasons - a sense of frustration on my part but I should get out next Wednesday all being well.

Manage to get some excess clothes from my wardrobe onto Ebay and overall, not a bad return although you never get the money back that you spent on the clothes in the first instance. However, at least some funds back rather than staying in the wardrobe and not getting worn, so no complaints there. Some items have not been sold but will try again sometime in the future.

Talking of clothes, over recent months, my dress style has changed in a little but not much. I have stopped wearing tights as i now preferring wearing stockings all the time  - so feminine and also more comfy to wear too. I've also worn the very occasional shorter skirt, showing my legs off more which some people suggesting they are good, so no harm! However, I still love my longer skirts so wont make a habit of it otherwise sends the wrong message, not just to other people but M.R. too which is important to me as I love being “me” which I thinks means a “classy / natural everyday” look? 

Still making some contact with new girls on a couple of forums but as usual, the nice ones seem to in another part of the UK or not sure about getting out. I think one or two of them will have to be long term plans for eventual meets but worth persisting though. Others though I can never figure out, yes they are seeking new friends but …… there is always an excuse of some sort or another why it is not possible to go further although they indicate they do! Genuine may be but time wasting at the same time I think which is not I’m seeking. However, the law of averages suggest allow for the time wasters and in between some good girls will come along. Fingers cross and hopefully local too! 

Now we are approaching Xmas, which seems to be getting earlier and earlier every (not sure why but something to do with making money I suppose), it is getting to what I call the dead time of year for me were KD outings are at a premium. Hopefully. I will get one or two outings in early December but after that, it looks it will be January before another outing - this just adds to more frustration and plenty of patience on my part waiting for festive season to come and go as soon as possible. Yes Bah Humbug she says! :-))

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