Friday, 2 January 2015

December 2014 - Dead time come and gone!

Well, first of all, a Happy New year to everyone, especially my friends and especially to Sue, who I sincerely hope, girly things will return be sooner than later. 

OK I know, this entry posted a couple of days into the New Year but titled December 2014 but it is after all about matters in the latter end of 2014! As my previous blog entry suggested, time leading up to xmas is always a dead time for me especially for outings but even I did not expect that there would be one outing during December as I did have plans for at least two but may be three and that did not include the one outing that I achieved. Put simply I got struck down with a virus in the second week of December, which basically spelt curtains for me for the rest of the month especially with Christmas / New Year week on the horizon! So for a while, I had accepted that it would be 2015 before I could get out again and then out of the blue, a message was received from Alison, that she was coming up to Manchester on Sunday 21st and would I like to meet her for an evening out. Well I could not say yes fast enough although I knew I was not 100% health wise but it was an opportunity never the less! See how things can change when you least expect it hey?

Fortunately for me, the virus I had was slowly improving and was ok to meet Alison at the Britannia Hotel, Manchester for an evening out in the Village! My outfit was simply a black lace Laura Ashley dress I had purchase the previous day so getting ready was simply easy as for a change already decided what I was wearing! As for the evening itself, great to see Alison again, lovely meal at Velvet and then hit some bars in the Village. Well being a Sunday and allowing for Christmas, I did not expect to be much activity as it could be quiet but there was enough people about to keep things going until 1am in the morning. The main activities seem to centre around “Via” and “New York, New York” bars so that is where we went for a drink or two along with some dancing too. As no surprise, people there were in a festive mood and all having fun. It was great being in the company of Alison and a good night was had, a nice way to end 2014 after all which at least keep me going until the New Year. 

As for other things, it was normal, just routine and nothing to write about. The festive period itself was a very quiet affair, in fact too quiet and in someways could not wait for it to disappear! On Xmas Day morning went to see my father who is a care home as he has dementia unfortunately. What a sad sight and not one that my Father deserves as like he had done for the previous 12 months, none the wiser for who I was! Yes physically he is still there but mentally, well on planet whatever! I stayed for an hour with him but I just wish he was put out of his misery, he never wanted that and again does not deserve it. OK I know some people will say, you should not wish that but unless you been in that situation, how would you know. No human being deserves that regardless who they are. Dementia is a very very cruel disease and hopefully some form of cure may be found although it wont be in my lifetime. Seeing my Father, scares me unfortunately! 

So it is now 2015 and again, happy new year to all. Looking back on 2014, it was not a bad year for KD, there were some good times, that was for sure but I think the most important thing that came out of the year was something small but significant never the less. I had finally come to terms with who I am and what I can do about it without the pressures / hassle / worries of other people in my life that had been about in previous years. In simple terms, people who knew me especially M.R. work colleagues etc had accepted me for who I am rather what I am. This meant I could be myself in what ever form that may be which made day to day things so much more enjoyable which meant wanting to be KD all the time was not an issue anymore as I could be “me” almost anytime I choose (well within reason)! I hope this continues for the future too.

As for 2015 in consequence, I am just going to take things as they come and see what goes before me rather than attempting to make plans or goals so to speak. Yes, still want to do certain things, such as a Race meeting, theatre outing etc but also various locations including London and may be the North East as well as more routine local outings hopefully with a friend too - now that would be nice as I still miss that especially with Tina going absent without leave in late 2013! I know the likes of Leeds First Friday, Sparkle weekend will definitely figure in any plans but may be a trip to Nottingham too? Who knows hey but will leave my options open regardless. 

Well, time to go as work beckons once again shortly. Happy 2015 to all. 

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Sue Richmond said...

Happy New Year to you too, KD, and thank you so much for your kind wishes regarding the health problem that's prevented me from going out.

I am so sorry to hear more sad news about your dad. I guess we are all helpless when faced with such illnesses and I hope his suffering is as little as it can be.

Wishing you a fabulous 2015. Sue x