Monday, 9 March 2015

March 2015 - It's been a while!

Hello Blog, I have been neglecting you of late but you have not been forgotten though! I suppose that suggest’s not much to report and it is more or less is correct. Outings have been sparse so far, in fact only three so far, one at beginning of January and two in February. There has been a number of reasons for that which includes picking up another virus which would just not go away for at least three weeks!! A sense of frustration there but not much I could do about it. 

My first 2015 outing was to the Village, meeting up with Kate for a quiet evening and playing catch up on each other’s news. In fact it was just another outing in the Village except noting the closure of “Taurus” and with neither Eden, Churchill’s and probably couple of other bars not being open! OK beginning of the year I suppose but never noted that before, so may be a sign of the times and the economy is still not on the up contrary to what the “Government” are telling us! May be things are better in London but have they looked further afield, probably not which is no surprise. 

It was February before I got out again due to the “virus” already mentioned but the second outing was a good night out as Alison was up in the area and took the opportunity to meet each other in the Village. Another good evening was had with a nice meal in Velvet, then Via afterwards. Interestingly found out that as well as “Taurus” now closed, so had “Eden” too with the rumour that “Taurus” was getting converted into a hotel or something! Whether that is true or not, remains to be seen but losing two decent bar’s in the Village is not a good thing but will someone else step into the breach. Interestingly “Churchills” was also closed that night too! Prior to this outing, I took the opportunity to visit work and give some of my girly colleagues a little surprise  who had not seen me before. The visit went down very well and they all said I looked the part and dress appropriately including that my “make-up” was good too. Nice to have those compliments and clearly again, I am doing something right! My third outing was in late February and a visit to Chester was had for an interesting and enjoyable evening was had including meeting a couple of new girls too. 

At the moment and it is the second week of March, no chance of any outings, as last week was difficult to get out as a family member was home all week, with this week, well M.R. and I are off on a week’s holiday from week, so we are having time together instead. A question of priorities at the moment but I’m sure I will play catch up later this month with may be an outing or two next week?

A couple of weeks ago, M.R. had raised a few matters regarding me, along with my recent dress style as she had noted some of my Flickr images. Indirect reference was made to the “short” skirts I was wearing but as I kindly pointed out, it was nothing unusual as worn them in the past and only occasionally too. Outside that, I keep to my usual fashion style as other friends would agree. A couple of other issues were raised too but this happens from time to time with M.R. and I  but it is always a question of re-assurances to make sure things are ok and nothing will change which is very true indeed. 

My good friend Sue is still in the “closet” so to speak after receiving an e/mail from her recently. Sadly her re-introduction to the real world once again is just on hold for a little longer as Sue’s facial problem as still not cleared up and it seems to be taking longer than she may of anticipated to recover! Knowing about Sue’s frustration really puts any moans / problems that I may have into perspective and just makes me think I am lucky to have some sort of choice of being “me”. Sadly Sue don’t have that option and I do feel for her but hopefully things will get better sooner rather than later. Sue, I know you will be reading this, so stick in there my good friend, you are surrounded by good and supportive people especially living near to you, that you know and hopefully, they continue to give you some sort of inspiration in attempting to stay positive, no matter how hard it may seen. And yes I will get in contact with you soon, I did say I would and I will. 

Well, that’s it for now, now’t else to write about, so until the next time my little blog, be careful and take care. x

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Hi Kay,

Halle here from T-Central. Calie listed your lovely little blog a while back I think. Anyway, you are there now and thanks for letting us know you are here!

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