Tuesday, 14 February 2017

February 2017 - Belated entry and a big sad hole!

These days my blog entries are getting more spread about for numerous reasons, may be not much to write about I suppose, same old, same old news may be? My last entry was 3 months ago  and since then Christmas and New Year have thankfully gone but as for a fresh new year and better things, sadly that will not happen what so ever. I (& M.R.) must be going through a stage of our lives were things are not going as we would wish and it is one thing after another that seems to be happening to us, just when you think things are improving. Without writing too much and giving too much personal details on here, as remember some people still don’t know about “me”, another very sad event happened a few days ago which has left us with a big hole in our day to day lives. Talking about shedding tears, a few good streams have been and gone so far by both of us with consequently going to take some time and getting used too before we get back to any sense of normality. As people say and its true, time is a good healer but you never ever forget. 

As for KD matters, in the light of what has happened recently, I currently have no appetite to go out and be “me”, it don’t seem right nor will it change my personal feelings in anyway, as the bottom line, I am still “me” regardless of clothes I wear. I had provisional plans to go out this week but I shall not bother. Again, I give my self time and hopefully, things will change as time goes by. 

As for KD things during the previous three months, I did manage to have a handful of outings, a couple before christmas and a couple in the new year. They have been the usual visits to the Village, Manchester with one other being daytime outing near Chester, with all of course enjoyable for different reasons. The latter outing was nice being daytime but also took the opportunity to visit work on the way home, for couple of my colleagues have been wanting the opportunity to see “me” but so far I eluded them. Well they were pleasantly surpised when I arrived and favourable comments were received too. The latter always gives you a little boost in confidence. In the meantime, some new clothes purchases have being had but I think the time has come to stop buying more. How many do I need given the amount of outings I have had over the last couple of years and looks like the future too? 

Last Friday (10th February) was the initial “Manchester Second Friday” event at the Village, Manchester and I understand was a success. The idea originated by my good friend / sister, Kate Kat last year on the basis that if Leeds and Birmingham have monthly events, then why not Manchester (Village) given it has always been known one of the main locations in the UK were TG people visit because of the closeness of numerous restaurants, bars and clubs located in and around Canal St. I know some people will say that there has always been the well known weekly Wednesday evenings in the Village but over the last few years, it has tailed off for numerous reasons and no sign it will ever get back to the way it was. So with the success of “Leeds First Friday” over a period of years which basically self advertises, it was thought to give the idea a try. So with some advance advertising via a variety of media sources for the event, it looks it proved popular and initial numbers suggested there could be some merit in making it a monthly event on the second Friday of each month. To help to promote this event, a website will be launched not just to advertise this evening but list the various bars / clubs / restaurants with also hotels in and around the village but promote other TGirl events / evenings too. Watch this space may be?

Well, that is enough for this entry as things here are too quiet which leaves me to say, farewell my friend, as you gave so much in our lives, you will never be forgotten and never stopped being loved too. :-(   

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