Friday, 11 November 2016

November 2016 - Sparkle lost in time!

Well this entry should be about my “Sparkle” weekend in July, which I have not written about. May be its too late now to write about in’s and out’s of the whole weekend, sort of other events in my life have over taken it? 

Regardless, “Sparkle” was a good weekend although as I found out afterwards, was actually not in the position to travel there and back but by then, it was too late! Met up with the usual suspects, namely Kate, Zazoo, Joanne, Amanda and bumped into other friends who were there too, although ever so briefly, due to limited time and so many things to do. Sadly one girl was not there, namely Sue Richmond who was still struck down by her facial issues and consequently was missed but not forgotten. As per previous blog entry, I did have a theme for the weekend, which was based on a part 50’s theme with blue and red being the prominent colours of the weekend too. For those who know were my flickr site is, you will see the results there. Also took the opportunity to portray a new look too with a complete different hairstyle and colour for a few hours too which suprised a few of my friends who initially did not recognize me which i took as a compliment. Some said I looked better but I prefer the darker natural look for me but yes, I will present myself again with the revised hairstyle in due course. Well, that takes care of the “Sparkle” weekend and will look forward to next year’s event. 

Since last blog entry, manage to get out twice including meeting Vanessa from Norfolk three weeks ago on a Friday in the Village. We had been chatting to each other via Messenger and she had a reason to make the long journey to Manchester, so agreed to meet. It was her first visit to Manchester as Vanessa and seem to enjoy the whole experience, in fact there were a few unexpected surprises during the evening which made for an enjoyable night. As it happens, there were a few other girls out too, which gave the impression more out then than some Wednesdays! Anyway, Vanessa is hoping to get back up here in the near future and fingers cross, we will meet again. 

Since then sadly been struck down with a virus yet again, and been prevented in getting out once again when I even had the opportunities including tonight! But the cold weather and chest virus dont go hand in hand, likewise I doubt my friends would appreciate me coughing occasionally which is not really ladylike. Regardless, I really hoping to get out next week, in need of it and hoping to meet Sophia, who I have not seen for about 12 months which is way too long. 

Besides that manage to sell more clothes on Ebay and raising some needed funds for the bank balance which is always welcome. On this occasion, I doubt I will spend any on more clothes other one lovely red blouse which I purchase from M&S recently. It was one of those “must have” items and probably go nice with a black (leather) skirt! 

Well time for bed now, but I feel looking back on this year, even in mid November has been a wasted and frustrating year for all sorts of reasons none of which I could of foreseen sadly but at least I am still here!! However, I must keep looking forward and hopefully things get better including far more outings than I have had in the last 12 months. Until the next blog entry, take care to you all. xx

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