Wednesday, 5 October 2016

October 2016 - Catch Up, Part One.

Well, it has been 3 months since my last update on this blog and much has happened or then again not also. If you have read my last entry, then clearly you be aware, my thoughts and priorities have been elsewhere which has also had an impact on KD time too. Writing this entry could suggest things are getting back to normal (whatever normal is) which would be true thankfully but there are still some minor things to deal with but at least everything is now going in the right direction. 

With regards to the accident, well after a lot of annoyance, frustration, stress etc and anything else you care to mention, I finally got a new car about 2 weeks ago after 10 weeks without one! In that time, I have had counselling and physio to sort myself out but some things I have learnt, insurance / claims companies are a pain in the backside along with their staff with the exception one or two people. Regardless, the matter is still ongoing and will be for some time, but at least I now get back on with my life now which is the important thing. In all this time, I have learnt a lot about people including those who work in higher management at work and I have simply lost all respect and time for them. Fortunately, my immediate work colleagues have been supportive and patient with me and always grateful for that. However, the best I’ve had around has been without a doubt has been M.R. - without her support, care, patience, understanding, things would be so different and not for the better either. She is my rock but she don’t realise it though! 

So what about KD time then? Well simply, Sparkle weekend and one outing with my friend Alison at the very beginning of August. Since then, has not been possible what so ever until recently and were I had finally arranged a meet with two “new” friends so to speak and I had agreed to meet them in Manchester including collecting one on the way! That meet went pear shape at the last minute at home when I was prevented in getting ready and consequently getting out too. Cancelling that meet was horrible and felt awful to say the least especially to the girl (Mandy) who I was collecting. She fortunately went anyway but as I found out later, it was a quiet night for her especially being a Friday. As for the other girl, she was less sympathic, fair enough but her attitude towards me was disgusting to say the least especially I had been a little understanding with her circumstances 3 months previously. Basically I just advise, best we forget it altogether as clearly in my mind, she was not worth knowing and not give her anymore of my time! Yes, I admit, I let her down but I had geniune reasons in cancelling and not one of my doing or choice. What she seems to forget, I know what the feeling is like being let down, it is not nice so why should I do it on purpose to other girls, I simply don’t. Anyway, she has gone and again not worth knowing! As for Mandy, she has been more considerate and an olive branch has been hung out so hopefully, I will be to make amends at some later date. 

As for Sparkle Weekend, I will write about that in Part Two of “Catch Up”. My only meet as mentioned was with Alison on the first Monday in August where we went to the Village. As it happens it was a nice enjoyable evening, although some venues were closed, it felt busier than some Wednesday’s when Ive visited on those nights - strange really. It was nice to get out that evening as I needed it but the only reason I manage to get there, I had the use of a car for a very short time and was put on the owners insurance. Talking about being happy to get out was an understatement as I needed it especially to temporary escape from other matters. Little did I know it would be last time for over two months but hopefully this will change today, were I am hoping to meet my friend Kate in Manchester. These two months have been a killer for me, as it has been some time I have not been out for so long. In a small way, I appreciate Sue’s health predictament all the more were she has not been herself for months on end! However, I understand there is a some positive light for Sue were occasional opportunties to get out may be possible. Fingers Cross.

Well , until the next time, hello again my little blog and hopefully not too long before I write my next entry. 

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