Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July 2016 - When life flashes before you!

Initially, this blog entry was going to be about Sparkle and all that - well that was the plan but it is strange how life can change for you, literally in a matter of seconds and life is never the same again! I’m sure some of you reading this may get the gist of this almost immediately but others may not! 

Getting back to my previous blog entry, I did end up only going out the once as it turned out and that ultimately “Sparkle” was going to be next outing, only a matter of six weeks between being the person I like to be. However, something happened at the end of June which affected me personally and not one as yet recovered from - not sure I will but need to give myself time though. In simple terms, I was involved in a non fault head on car crash and ultimately my car was written off in consequence because of the sheer force of the impact. Fortunately for me, my car saved me and I manage to walk away from the scene of the accident but not without the mental trauma of what I went through at the time! Everyone has heard of the saying “life flashes before you”, well in this instance, that precisely what went through my mind in the 2/3 seconds of that impact. For obvious (or may be not so obvious) reasons, I’m not going to every detail of the accident but at that point I was frightened / scared for my life and something at times I find hard to deal with. Yes I got out alive, almost uninjured and how many people in similar situations would like to say the same, countless thousands and that is something I am grateful for. Since then, life has not really been the same again for numerous reasons, not helped by various organisations I am dealing with along with not having a car with all the inconvenience that entails too. What I cannot get my head around, I am the victim, the innocent party in all this yet it is me who seems to be treated not as a victim, anything else but and also it’s me that puts up with the inconvenience, is out of pocket and no guarantee that I will get it all back eventually either! Regardless, I am alive and at least I write this entry. 

Until the next time, make the most of your time on this planet as you never know what is around the corner!! 

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Anonymous said...

A very 'shaking' experience - I'm glad to hear you came through it OK!