Thursday, 16 June 2016

June 2016 - What next

Getting into the habit now of updating this blog every two months now, as previously it has always  been once a month. That tells a story in itself and confirming in my own mind, how quiet my girly life is getting. Not much happening so not much to write about either. 

Since last entry been out twice, once last month and once this month so far although it is looking like it could be the only outing sadly. Both outings were to the Village in Manchester on a Wednesday meeting up with a couple of friends. Nice evenings were had but the Village itself is just too quiet these days and this is also happening on other Wednesday’s apparently. To be honest, Wednesday night in the Village has been going quieter over the last two years at least to the point there is not many girls out to begin with, a good night may be about 20 at most, other occasions even less and as for other people, that is taking a nose drop too. I was planning to go out last Wednesday and tonite but on both occasions, decided not too. Last Wednesday was mainly to do with the weather, too warm and sticky especially hair wise, no fun when its like that and tonite, there seem to be no one going out, so elected to stay in as if Village quiet, there would be more chance I be on my own for the evening. In those circumstances, no point in taking the effort in getting ready if no one around to appreciate it. Now thinking to forget going out on a Wednesday to the Village, try Friday instead as apparently that is a good night now?

As things stand, I am going to Sparkle next month and I think I have accommodation too at a price I’m able to afford at Weston Halls. This has come about due to another girl who decided to make a block booking on behalf of a number of girls in which Weston Halls were happy to accept. The only downside, is that I don’t know the girl who is arranging this but it seems to be legitimate as I’ve spoken to Weston Halls. Anyway, I’ve taken a chance, made a booking, paid the money and see what happens but I have been given most of the booking details already so it looks promising. I suppose I wont really know until I arrive on the Friday of Sparkle itself and see what happens. On the bright side, if it don’t go to plan, I’ve only lost £85 for three nights. So fingers cross. Unfortunately there is no alternative to this plan as hotel prices have got through the roof in Manchester assuming there is any available so my alternative is simply not attend Sparkle. So all will be revealed on Friday at Sparkle. In the meantime, I have been thinking about outfits for the weekend and I think a 50’s theme will be the order of the day. I have already purchase a 50’s style dress and a skirt, complete with petticoats too, so I look forward in wearing them along with appropriate underwear too. Not sure about the heels though, as I know I would struggle in stiletto’s so an alternative needs to be found to fit in with the theme.

Well that is all to write about for now, so probably my next blog entry will be in August sometime, so until then, bye for now. xxx 

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