Tuesday, 11 July 2017

July 2017 - Blog catch up!

Well “Sparkle” has been and gone just last weekend, so time to play catch up on my blog. Yes, almost three months since my last entry but to be honest, really not much to write about other than “same old moans” about one thing or another in KD’s life. So I will not write about them again! 

Outings have been limited to say the least but even on a couple of occasions, I had the opportunity to go out, but decided can’t be bothered! No particular reason I suppose but hot sticky weather plays apart and also you should not force yourself to do something as you end up not enjoying it. In attempting to recall when I’ve been out since the beginning of April, not including “Sparkle” weekend, I’ve only been out three times, one at the end of April and two others in June visiting the “Village”, Manchester on each occasion. I suppose just routine outings to be honest, nothing special other than catching up with a couple of friends as well as being “me” which is what its about! However, I must admit with a number of people knowing about “me”, I am able to be my true self regardless of what clothes I wear. Some girls I’ve spoken too, do understand what I’m saying here but basically, because you have no secrets as such, you are able to be the person you wish to be regardless of clothes you wear but it helps though wearing nice girly clothes etc. I have found with the people who dont know about “me”, I am unable to the complete person with them! I hope some of you who read this, understand what I am saying but also may be able to relate to it too? 

Prior to “Sparkle” and knowing I was going for the weekend, I purchase two dresses, a skirt and a couple pair of shoes before hand. The clothes had a 50’s theme were petticoats are required to give the fulness to the dresses and the skirt. They were purchase from “Lindy Bop” and are good value for money, interesting even M.R. purchase the same skirt although she does not want to wear a petticoat though. What a shame but I think she look good if she included a petticoat but the skirt will look nice on her regardless. 

As for other matters, life at home is fine but unfortunately going to work is now a chore sadly. I am unable to go into detail here but suffice to say, there has been numerous changes with in the store which has ultimately affected the staff including some making complaints against other staff. The atmosphere in consequence makes it a place not to work in, all thanks to some “shits” making a mountain out of a mole hill! Now I dont know who to trust or who to believe anymore! Ah well, the national mimimum wage at least pays some of my bills which is the positive part!! I would love to get a new job but at my age, I doubt I would fine another one sadly! So what the point of looking in the first place is my reasoning especially when i prefer to enjoy my free time I have left in my life. 

So I suppose as I have mentioned “Sparkle”, I suppose I need to write about it, yes I will but that be in my next entry as time for bed! 

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