Wednesday, 1 November 2017

October 2017 - Post Sparkle happenings!

Well it has been 3 months since my last entry, which has been the longest I have not written a blog entry for quite some time. It has only been today, that I realise and thought about making an entry but not sure if this will be a short or long entry, but we will soon find out!

As you may have notice, not written anything about my attendence at ‘Sparkle 2017’ which in some ways speaks volumes about the weekend or may be not! This year a local friend, Paula shared a hotel room with me for two nights which ease the burden of the cost of the weekend but also more imporatnatly some nice company too. Generally speaking, the whole weekend was “ok” for both of us, met some friends as you always do and also miss friends too if they did not turn up! In the latter case two friends did not turn up being Zazoo and Joanne who were missed but happy to say, my good friend Sue manage to come up for the weekend which was good but she was also playing catch up with numerous girls at Sparkle who she had not seen for some time. As I’ve said, the weekend was “ok” but really nothing to write home about, has the event lost its ‘sparkle’ but I suspect others may disagree. To be honest, I was glad to get home on Sunday early afternoon and get away from it. As for next year, a decision has yet to be made. 

Things in general since Sparkle have been topsy turvy including an ongoing difficult spell at work were I have ultimately been off sick and consequently resigned from the job. Basically I just had enough where I was, lost the trust and belief in the staff I worked for numerous reasons and no longer an employer who I could work for either. Some people are just complete shits and two faced too. Thankfully, I have manage to find another job at a well known large retailer and start there this Thursday, which I am looking forward too. Something different and ultimately may be more variety too. 

However, I have began to realise that “other” things in my life in the last couple of years have not really not gone away in my head and this has played a part in my mental well being too. I suppose the above work issue finally made me realise I need to do something about it, so a visit to the doctor was arranged and a plan of action formulated. Strange really and probably unusually too, none of this has got to do with me as KD which I find is a positive thing. May be this proves I am content with that part of me and take things as they come in that respect? In all of this, there has been one constant factor in my well being and that is M.R. who has stood and supported me regardless which is nice and very much appreciated. Thank You. 

Outings since Sparkle have been few and far between to say the least, in fact I think only been out on three occasions including two “M2F” events in the Village , Manchester which were enjoyable. I have been invited on a few occasions to get out but sadly circumstances have dictated it was not possible. Those circumstances included two periods of a “chest” virus totally 7 weeks which really sound wise was not very lady like when out and about! In a lot of ways, my big wardrobe has been almost been redundant were my clothes are literally waiting for a rainy day to wear them!  With that in mind, certainly no point in making new clothes purchases, may be I should be selling some instead? Hopefully my next outing will be next week at the November ‘M2F’ event in the Village but as yet that is not confirmed I am attending. Fingers cross. 

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