Monday, 1 January 2018

January 2018 - A new year but what does KD's future hold?

It has been a couple of months since I wrote anything in my blog but for once, there is nothing to write when it comes to me as KD. Everything is literally on hold and currently no idea what the future holds, certainly in the short to medium term. 

Those who have followed this blog (the few I imagine) and read the last entry, may realise personal things have been topsy turfy over the last few months but sadly the start of the new year does not start bright and now facing an uncertain future. So much so, that KD is well and truly taking a back seat for the foreseeable future as my priorities have shifted more importantly to everyday survival at home. 

Sadly for me, not been out since 13th October last year, although had opportunties to go out, circumstances and lack of money has conspired against me that they have been passed up with great reluctance but really no choice. Today, was the last day of employment and tomorrow I sign on as another umemployed person which is the first time in my working life I’ve had to do this.   It was sad leaving work tonight for the last time as I enjoyed working there, met many nice people too. Now got to go and find another job from somewhere but that wont be easy at this time of year. Sadly my ‘new’ job was a short term contract with the hope of getting kept on but it has not transpired that way. Yes take your take a chance and hope for the best. Ah well, it did not work out and not a good start to the new year! 

The consequence of all this that money will be short and as others know, luxuries if you wish to call being yourself one has got to go as you need to keep a roof over our heads first and foremost.  With this is mind, I have no plans to be out in the near future and no idea when I will eventually get out either. One of my plans to raise money if push comes to shove, it is start selling some of my clothes from my wardrobe just to raise some cash. Yes it could happen but hopefully not and attempt to be positive and something will turn up eventually to get everything back on an even keel. 

Well, I have written enough and now’t else to write about, so until the next entry, when ever that may be, next week, next month, may be many months, have a good new year. xx

(Edit: 2nd January 18 - I am unable to sign on and receive Job Seekers assistance (via DWP) due to receiving a small pension and already my stamp contributions for my State Pension have acheived their required level too. I pay my taxes and National Insurance and what do I get for assistance from the State - xxxx all! Yet plenty of people live off the state because of people like me!! Do I feel agrieved - yes and it sucks!!)


Calie said...

Happy New Year, Kay, and I do hope it turns into a happy one. Attend some of those TG events in Manchester if you can.


Lynn Jones said...

Good luck on the job front. I hope something comes your way soon.

Kay Denise said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and yes Lynn hopefully something comes my way soon. Calie - I appreciate your encouragement but when you have no spare cash, then not able to consider any outing sadly. Both of you have a good new year. Hugs. xx

Sue Richmond said...

Hi KD. Sorry about the job situation. Hope you find something good soon. I do understand how our female lives take a back seat at such times but I hope you'll be out again soon. Sue x