Friday, 6 April 2018

April 2018 - A quiet six months!

Will this entry be a short one I wonder? Well it will be six months next Friday, 13th April since I have made an appearance and it has been the longest period of not being me since I’ve come out over 13 years ago. However, may be next Friday is when I actually get out once again. Well provisional arrangements have been made and now see what prevails over the next week, if it will actually happen. Regardless, it is long overdue, so fingers cross!

The above proposed outing is only possible due to becoming employed again since end of January and it is only now that the bank balance is beginning to resemble ‘normal’ again with some spare funds to consider outings. But regardless, it has been hard at times and thankfully turned the corner now. Lets hope I don’t go back there and that I work now until retirement age. 

My contact with other girls has been minimal to say the least with no contact what so ever from some who I thought were friends. Ah well, never mind, just proves how fickle the Tgirl world is I suppose. Regardless, I have manage to stay in contact with Jane, (local girl) who I met ironically 6 months ago on my last outing and little does she know has kept me going in some ways and we are attempting to meet again. Fingers cross this will happen as she is such a nice girl. Also Sue Richmond has kept in contact with me too which is nice but more importantly, she is now slowly getting back out again which is excellent news. 

So next week, I may be able to look into my wardrobes and actually consider what to wear for an outing, How novel! Fortunately, did not had to sell any clothes to raise funds during the last six months but realised still needed a new 28” petticoat, which I finally purchased this week. Now just got to wear it with the suitable swing dress or skirt.

Well, that is all for now, time for bed and some sleep. Bye for now. 

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Sue Richmond said...

Hi KD, glad to hear you've found work and are planning to go out again. Hope you have fun. Sue x