Tuesday, 26 November 2013

November 2013 - LFF!

Well after the last minute cancelation of going to Leeds First Friday (LFF) in October, it was decided to have another go for the November gathering. For those who are not familiar with LFF, it  is a once a month TGirl event held on the first Friday evening of the month around the clubs and pubs near to the city centre. For further details, click on this link:- http://racheltv8.co.uk/lff/index.php 

I had been advised this event is full on and that the music at the pubs and clubs is loud so may be not my type of an event for me to attend as I tend to like the quieter outings with just 3/4 friends at most. However, I have always taken the view to try things at least once and then judge for myself. Arrangements were already in place to go with Paula and the hotel room was booked at the Travel Lodge which is near to the action (Blayds Yard area) so it just a case of waiting for the day then hitting the road to Leeds. Travelling to Leeds was not easy and took us 3 hours for what should of been a 75 minute drive! Unfortunately for us, the M62 at the top of the Pennines was closed and an alternative but long winding route had to be found! 

Having finally arrived at the hotel and unpacking, first thing to do was get familiar with the location before the evening and getting a bite to eat which we duly did. Both Paula and I then proceeded to get ready with a theme of Halloween and black!  After that we finally hit the bars / clubs at around 9pm with the first port of call being Cosmopolitan Hotel Bar as that is the initial meeting place for Tgirls to start the evening. The bar was as expected, packed with girls in all sorts of outfits. The rest of the evening we visited Blayds Yard Bar, Viaduct, Fibre, The Loft before heading back to the Cosmo Bar prior to bedtime which happen to be 5am in the morning, a time unheard of in my book! 

During the course of the evening, we chatted to a few girls, even bumped into a couple of friends including Lisa B which was no surprise as I was half expecting it. We met in Fibre and had a good catch up natter and she was surprised to see me. As pre warned, yes the music when ever you went was loud but for a change, music I recognised and therefore enjoyed it but chatting in those area’s was difficult to say the least. However, while in Fibre, they opened the upstairs bar which was music free and best of all all shorts / mixes were only £2 each. Something I could not pass up as normally I don't drink when out and about due to driving to most places. While in the bar, a Tgirl and partner (Luci and Carmy) from Barnsley complimented me about my outfit which led to us remaining together for the rest of the evening, chatting drinking and generally enjoying ourselves until we said our good byes in the Cosmo Bar at 4am in the morning. Luci and Carmy were a lovely couple and it was there first time out to any tranny event, in fact it was Luci’s first time out. 

Eventually, Paula and I finally got back to the hotel, a little worst for wear (mainly tired) and decided to hit the pit at 5am in the morning. Five hours later we were up, got ready, packed the car and got breakfast / dinner in the city centre before heading home.   

All in all, Paula and I enjoyed the evening, probably more than we expected and certainly  enjoyed each other’s company and concluded we would like to come back to another LFF event but that will be sometime next year, something that I will look forward too much to my surprise! 

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