Saturday, 16 November 2013

November 2013 - Rekindled friends?

Currently I have a little time to kill and thought another blog entry may be? Manage to get out a couple of occasions last month but as usual these days to the Village, Manchester. It is an easy option of me I suppose but my preference is still get out in the everyday world but as I’ve said previously, not on my own, it is no fun that way. However, still looking for a similar girl to myself for this to happen and not for want of looking I may add. However, I will continue to get out to Manchester as at least I can be me in some way. 

First outing in October was meeting up with Kate, Mrs Kate and Emma, who was on a short visit back to this country during a work break. This turned to be lovely evening and it was nice to see Emma again. Emma and I have had our misunderstandings in the past as we are in a lot of ways different as chalk and cheese although in some other ways, have a few things in common too. However, one thing I admire about Emma, she had got out there as herself and broken a few barriers to say the least. Always portrays plenty of confidence and faith, along with encouraging other girls to do the same and a good friend to have on your side. As I said before, a good evening was had and my thanks to Emma for the nice touch in paying the meal bill too - that was a nice gesture and very much appreciated. Hopefully will see Emma again sometime?

Second occasion was a week later but this time meeting up with Sarah, and Sophia who have become good friends over the last couple of years. Both girls only get out occasionally - dare I say about twice a year but regardless always nice to see them in person rather than the usual place of the chatrooms. However, it was a meeting that almost did not happen! I usually get ready at home during dinnertime/early afternoon and then head out before anyone comes home! On this occasion, member of my family arrived home at dinnertime and no initial intentions of going out! Oooops which left me a little problem, how the hell do I get ready now?  I waited all afternoon, in the hope things would change but I decided to get my clothes / make up etc together regardless and attempt to come up with alternative plans! That was not easy but ended up with Plan X and decided that the changing room at Manchester Concord would be the best option, a location I never used before but was the only sensible option left! By the time I arrived at this decision it was already 18.30pm and needed to get on! It was not easy getting my gear to the car but eventually done it and finally arrived at MC at 20.00hrs which gave me less an hour to get ready. Normally when presented with the above circumstances, yes it has happened in the past, I always to decide not to bother going out but on this occasion for the sake of Sophia and Sarah, make the effort as they don't get out often! The MC changing room at Villagio’s was better than expected and a good option to get change again there. The mirrors there are excellent for your putting your make up on but not too much space thought to get ready if there is a few girls wanting to do the same. Much to my relief, I got ready in time and met up with Sophia and Sarah at Taurus just after nine! The rest of the evening was most enjoyable with Kate (again) joining us too and unusually not getting to bed until 3.00am - mmm dirty little stop out. :-))

Well that sums up October for me as things at home are quiet in general, M.R. taking things in her stride - ok it is not prefect from her point of view but things are very good compared what has happened in the past. So no complaints. I mention about friends from time to time and in reality I do have a small but good group of friends albeit most is by Internet communication with a handful I meet on an occasional basis. In some ways it is a nice situation to be in but recently that has changed with the reawakened friendship with a local girl, Paula. We have known each other in a distant sort of way over 2/3 years but over the last few weeks, we have made in roads in knowing each other better and nice much to our surprise, we have a few things in common and something to build on too. Interestingly, we have partners who accept us and who have been out with us too.  More spooky, our social backgrounds are very similar too! We have already been out together by going to Leeds First Friday for the first time at the beginning of this month but that is another story for my next blog entry. May be things are changing again in KD’s life, so on that positive note, time for bed and will be back soon! 

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