Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August 2015 - Repetition and Sparkle!

Time to update my blog especially with being that time of year once again, Sparkle has been and gone! I suppose I should write about my Sparkle weekend but to be honest, more or less the same as previous years, meeting up old and new friends, playing catch up, eat, drink and generally just enjoying each other’s company. I suppose I just write about some of the highlights rather than a minute by minute blow of the whole weekend.

Dress wise this year was much emphasis on wearing dresses throughout the weekend which I achieved as it is a easy option as more or less an instant outfit without worrying on co-ordination! I stayed two nights and was there three days, weather was good and best of all, Sue arrived for the weekend from London and manage for the first time in 12 months to be the person she likes to be which was no mean feat in the light of her health (facial) issue. It was great to see her, that is for sure and she seems to have a magical effect on my good lady, M.R. as she arrived on the Sunday afternoon to see her too. It was nice to have the company of M.R. as she seems these days, to shy away from KD activities, so regardless of the reason for coming, it was really appreciated by me! Sue seem generally to have a good weekend and playing a lot of catch up with numerous friends who had not seen her for a long time. One person (or should I say two) I always glad to see is Zazoo (from Glasgow) along with her friend Dave who is such a lovely person, quiet and unassuming I think. I suppose the most unusual thing was meeting one of my friends Sarah, with her being in guy mode which was strange as never met “him” so to speak. There were reasons for this but here is not the place to explain, just suffice to say Sarah was with her girlfriend, Julie who knows of Sarah but never met her! Strange really, Sparkle is the idea opportunity to meet her I thought! Anyway it was nice to meet them both remembering that I had no idea who I was suppose to be looking for having not met Sarah as “himself”! It is funny how we change in to our femme selves how we take on a completely different appearance that we are unable to recognise the “male” person. I must admit Sarah in “guy” mode was not bad looking and certainly a good catch from Julie’s point of view, with hopefully meet them again in the near future.

So that sums up my “Sparkle” weekend and although it was a long enjoyable weekend, I did find it tiring too, may be something to do with two late nights but then again, may be I’m not as young as I use to be? Regardless, I was happy to eventually get home and catch up on some sleep! 

Things either side of “Sparkle” have been generally quiet with just a couple of other outings. Last one was two weeks ago were I met in Manchester, Molly Bramwell from Lancaster for the first time. As for people who read my blog, you be aware I always harp on about attempting to meet new friends but never seem to make any progress! There are numerous reasons for that, but after reading some parts of my blog again, which looking at any random entry over the years, I realise there was a common theme! I keep writing about same issue / problem of seeking girls for outings and to be genuine friends too. For whatever reason, not much progress has been made so I conclude, I’m the one who is at fault and may be I’m not trying hard enough in seeking new girls? Well, it is me who is writing about it all the time so what other conclusion could I make? 

Anyway, meeting Molly was a consequence of my observations were more in minor hope, that I made a request on a forum to seek new friends. Initially which was no great surprise, there was no response and also made a second request, again with no response. So I tried for the third time, I got some response’s including a reply from Molly. Other girls replied but one/two were clearly not being serious as you could tell by their profile and the way they replied to my request. However, Molly was clearly different and we communicated with each other as we seem to have similar views and taste’s. Anyway, we met each other in Manchester at the end of July, had a good natter, a nice meal, a few drinks and found we had a lot in common. Molly also met a couple of my friends too but I did like Molly a lot, as she seem to want the same things as me along with having a good dress sense. Interestingly , we seem to have other things in common when it came to our personal lives too! Regardless, it was a good enjoyable night and we have plans to meet again. 

At the moment, I do need to have another clear out of my clothes with some emphasis on skirts! Looking through my collection, I realise I have a few “short” skirts which in reality I’m not likely to wear again. So with the exception of a couple, they must go. Yes, I do love short skirts but were do I get the occasion to wear them considering i tend to dress every dayish and also / may be my age too? Well, I am no spring chicken to say the least and although my legs seem to be ok, what reason do I need to keep the short skirts? I also need to have thorough clear out with my tops also, as I now favour wearing dresses which so much more femme and easier to wear too! Hopefully over the next few weeks, I will eventually get them sorted and put on Ebay to earn some extra but welcomed pennies to my bank account. 

Well, that is enough for today, time for work and all that and think about when my next outing will be as unusually, I have nothing planned what so ever. 


Sue Richmond said...

Thanks for describing your Sparkle, and for your kind words. Hope you get plenty of KD time, too. On that score, the fact is (and it took me a while to realise this) that the number of TGirls who are out and about in public is actually very small, so meeting up can take effort. Sue x

Calie said...

Hi Kay,

I enjoyed your review of this year's Sparkle. So many have written about this event over the years. I featured the post on T-Central.


Kay Denise said...

Thank you Sue for your kind comments and yes you are correct that meeting up takes an effort due to the amount of girls that are actually out and about. Thank you Calie for my entry to feature on T-Central, not sure I deserved that but never the less, it is appreciated. Take care to both of you.

Jodie Dawson said...

Hiya Kay,
Sparkle this year was a first for me and so totally enjoyable. To go out fully dressed and feel one of the crowd. I wrote on my blog about it too hoping to spread the word. I just felt like it was a small pool of space-time where everyone was accepted. Hopefully the rest of space-time will work like this soon ;) x