Thursday, 15 October 2015

October 2015 - Nothing new

Autumn is here and for some, tranny season begins again! Not sure why that should be the case but some girls stopped being girls during the summer because they are afraid of daylight! :-)))) 

Since my last entry, manage to get out twice last month, both enjoyable evening out’s in Manchester but the second of two was a little strange! I met up with Kate and Karen who was down from Scotland and went to Chinatown for a bite to eat in a Thai restaurant. The food was good and company was good too but sadly I was just too quiet. Not sure why I was like that as usually I’m chatty and wanting a good time. Something was missing that night and it was not until afterwards I realise why! I was in Manchester yet again - mainly the Village and now a little fed up in going there sadly. However, not sure what to do about it given my lack of social life, but hey I’ve written about that before so let us move on!  In the meantime, for some unknown reason, I had not been in a good place for a number of weeks but I could not pin it down to why! Had I known I could do something about it but I don’t and still like that now! 

Finally manage to have a sort out my wardrobe and sold some clothes on Ebay with the idea of using the funds to pay for a new wig, which I now need to replace my old faithful! It is now getting best its sell by date and desperately need a new one. Anyway with some success, I got enough money to think about making an appointment for later this month but you know what happens with the best laid plans, something always happen’s! Well no surprise it did, the gas boiler decided not to work and had to get British Gas out which ultimately cost £200!! Guess were that £200 come from, yes my wig piggy bank now empty! I was simply gutted and now I have no idea when I will have some spare cash again, so old faithful remains and a case of making do! Unfortunately, this now leaves me with a little confidence crisis, as I know my wig is not how it should be and therefore I feel uneasy wearing it sadly. However, that is not the immediate problem as simply I cannot go out because I have no spare money and what there is, needs to keep us going until end of month sadly. So by the looks of it, no outings this month what so ever and usually like going out this time of year, because I do love my Autumn / Winter look with the skirts, boots and coats!  

So not being in a good place continues but still not sure why. Probably give myself time, and things will get better, they usually do! Don’t get me wrong, I want to be KD and enjoy dressing as KD but I need to go out in the everyday world and that is just not happening. Yes, the Village is an OK substitute but it’s the same all the time which does get a little bit boring! I was wanting to do LFF next month but hotels all booked up and again, no funds to participate either! 

Well, I’ve written enough but may be I don’t wish to write anymore as I’m getting depressed as I write it. Right, time for bed. Byeeeee! x

PS: Not sure why there is no spacing in between lines, has Blogger reformatted it somehow but its looks horrible compared with previous entries. Sorry.

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