Saturday, 5 December 2015

December 2015 - It's here again!

Well another year is almost draws to a closed as Christmas Day is only 20 days away but a lot could happen between now and then, not just in my life but the way the world is going, in everyone’s lives! Ah well we leave the latter in the hands of the BBC News and just concentrate on KD matters and thoughts! 

About 10 days ago, I came across a blog entry on a Facebook account via T-Central Blogspot (see: ) were they highlight a person’s blog entry from time to time which they may find interesting more than usual for other’s to read. On one occasion, one of my blog entries has been highlighted which was nice although not sure why, as my entries tend to be routine. Anyway, I came across this entry on T-Central -  entitled “Cross-dressers - The other woman” by Terri Lee Ryan, who is an ex-wife although clearly still in contact and friends with her ex husband CD. What she wrote, describing their relation, her own thoughts on CD’s / TV’s / TGirls was very interesting and more importantly made sense as well as been true for most parts. I certainly could relate to it but more importantly, I showed my wife MR the entry and she wholly agreed with Terri Lee Ryan in what she wrote. As she said, she could write the same although she agreed I do attempt to think about “our” relationship without the other woman in her life. Not easy I accept but I do try. Regardless, I think it would be good if other TGirls read this entry especially those you have partners whether they know or not about you as I think you will relate to it one way or another as well as making you think too. I wonder how many TGirls will allow their partners to read this blog entry or does the truth hurt by any chance? 

Since my last blog entry, life has carried on as before or has it? In some ways, yes in other ways no but that is the nature of being a TGirl. October was a right off for me as for the first time in a number of years, I did not get out during the whole of the month. A number of things conspired against me to get out along with finding any suitable company too. The latter is important for a good outing. However, since then, been out 3 times including getting to the November Leeds First Friday which was an almost last minute decision. Although, I had only booked a hotel room about two weeks before hand, I was expecting to cancel as I thought it was unlikely I would meet anyone for the evening. Much to my surprise, 3 days before LFF, I got chatting to Amanda from York, who confirmed was attending and was also looking for company. So arrangements made and Friday came and went as such. Drove over to Leeds, booked in to the Discovery Hotel, nice twin bed bedroom and enough space for two more beds to fit in! Ironically I was on my own with all that space! Met up with Amanda at the Cosmo for pre meal drinks, got chatting and ended up chatting to other girls we both knew. One of the girls I met was Linda from Sussex, a girl who I had been chatting too for about 5 yrs and this was the first time we met face to face which was a nice surprise. For the meal, we as another girl joined us decided to literally go next door to the Thai restaurant for a lovely meal and with the staff suitably dressed in Thai costume which was nice and wishing I could dress that way too. The rest of the evening was about bar hopping but most time spent in the Smokestack due to the nice atmosphere and the R&B music. Around midnight, Amanda decided to head home and which left me more or less on my own. Although I manage to chat to a few girls I knew, it became clear it was going to be an unusual early night for me so come 1.45am, duly went back to the hotel room and to bed! Previous occasions, it had been around 5am before I got to bed but these things happen I suppose! As for future LFF events, I’m not sure I will book again unless another friend does the honours. 

Fortunately, manage to get out again later in November and met up with Kate (without other company) and finally caught up on happenings and things. Strange really, we both agree we are like sisters to each other as we chat about everything in our lives which we don’t to other friends. This was an enjoyable evening in the Village, I must admit and it is a pity there is not more of them. My last outing, was on Wednesday just gone were I met up with Alison from Kent who was up north due to business matters so the opportunity was taken to meet. Strangely the meet nearly did not happen as unknown to me my son was half day leave from work and duly arrived home early preventing me from getting ready as planned! Last time I was suppose to meet Alison in May, it was cancelled at the moment for exactly the same reasons as I could not get ready. On this occasion, I was not going to let it happen and decided one way or another I was getting out. Although I had made alternative arrangements with Alison by this time, fortunately my son went out and gave me the opportunity to get ready and quickly get out! Phew! Finally met up with Alison at Velvet but not before I met another girl called Helen (from Leicester) who was waiting for her “new” friend Laura (from Hull) to turn up. I killed some time waiting by chatting to her and eventually Alison arrived. Later on, we ended all been together for a meal and visiting some of the usual bars while we all got to know each other which proved interesting as it became apparent  all our partners knew about us as TGirls which was a little unusual or just co-incidence? By the time we got to Centre Stage, Helen decided to head back home to Leicester while Alison, Laura and I headed to New York, New York and then ultimately G.A.Y.! The latter place was a bit of an eyeopener for me as the last time I visited the bar (under another name?) was well over 2 years ago but arriving on this occasion, it became apparent it was a popular students bar along with cheap drinks. We were welcomed into the bar and all the students were enjoying themselves but funny enough our problem was not being TGirls but all the students were young enough to be our own kids! Talking about feeling old!! Regardless, we enjoyed the atmosphere in there, and some of the student girls chatted to us as well as dance with us too. Afterwards I headed home leaving Alison and Laura to head where ever! This was good evening and hopefully two new friends in the process too. Sadly although the plan was just be Alison and I for the evening, we never got to play catch up on our lives to each other but I’m sure we do that at a later date sometime. 

As for the rest of December, not got any definite plans for outings but hopefully a couple before Christmas! Certainly during the Xmas festive period and the New Year, there won’t be a chance due to family and work matters. Well time to leave it there and no doubt I will make another blog entry before the year is out. Finally, please accept my apologies for the layout of this and previous entry which is not of my doing. It looks if “Bogger” has changed some of the space settings and I’m not sure how to revert back to it my original layout. Give me a little time and will play about and see if Im able to improve it somehow! In the meantime, Happy Christmas to all.

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